Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nadira is home!

     Hey! As you may know, I recently purchased a TS minifee Mirwen... She came a few weeks ago without a faceup, eyes or wig-- Which is a first for me. I've never received an "incomplete" doll in the mail, so it was challenging for me to bond with her since I couldn't even see what she really looked like. But, I sent her out for a faceup and got her some lovely Mako eyes and made her an alpaca wig (which isn't quite finished, but close enough for pictures!) So, here she is!

     Nadira (Na-dear-a) is an orphan in Afghanistan. She is in the process of being adopted by Camryn and her family. They got to meet for the first time today, at Nadira's orphanage. Here are some pictures! (Nadira speaks English, she has been learning the language since she was five)
Sorry about the sideways pictures...



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Look for Sarah Moore

     Hey! Long time no post... Sorry about that! The good news it, I finished my finals week for my first quarter in college... Now I'm on winter break! :D But, with good news, usually comes a bit of bad news, I've been on a bit of a cleaning spree, and I've decided to get rid of a couple of my American Girl dolls. Rebecca and Ana are gone. so are Molly and Addy. Now, I only have Kit, Susan, Lucy and Sarah. I was originally planning on selling Sarah as well, but I had so much fun picking her out with my cousin that I just couldn't part with her. So, I decided to start moving her around in time periods, and she fits pretty well in all of them! its a bit of a stretch for her to be set in the 30's, but I think its do-able. But, she also looks great as a modern gal. I have this old bitty baby outfit from a Cyber Monday sale at American Girl from forever ago that isn't really even worth selling. So, I put some pieces of it on her, and with a little bit of adjusting-- Wow. Ah-dor-a-ble. Take a look for yourselves!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

AMTC Updates

     Hey! We got back from MN last night, and it is great to be home! I love being at the farm, and hanging out with my cousins, but it is nice to be back to my daily schedule. Volleyball starts this week, and its my last full week of school, so I'm scrambling trying to finish papers, projects and other things.

     AMTC. I'm working towards fundraising for AMTC, I need to raise $3,800.00 by July 2014. Not an impossible goal, but its going to be a long way getting there. This morning, I sat up a page on Basically you can read my story and send donations to support my cause. Here is the link:  Please take a moment to check it out!

     Regarding my training for AMTC, I am working on writing monologues so I can do the acting showcase at SHINE, as well as memorizing songs for the singing portion. Also, I am trying to learn to play the ukulele so I can possibly play at SHINE, but that may be a long shot. I can play two songs so far-- Neither very well! :)

     Anyways, thank you for your support-- Hopefully I can upload some videos to youtube soon, I would like to do a couple of song covers! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Greetings, From the Motherland!

     Hey! I didn't get a chance to let you all know before we left, but my family and I drove back to Minnesota to visit our family for thanksgiving. All of my dad's side of the family lives out here, and its always fun for all of the family to get together. Right now, we are staying at my grandparent's farm, having a ton of fun playing in the snow, eating (a lot!) of good food, and being thankful for family, and good company. I just wanted to wish all of you a great thanksgiving, I hope you have a lot to be thankful for this year-- And throughout this Christmas season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Narnia progress

      I've been slowly but steadily making progress on my Narnia girls' things. I purchased some real leather to make their belts, and the color turned out to be perfect, even though I bought it online. Susan's quiver is giving me a bit of trouble, as is the closure on Lucy's cordial pouch. neither piece is finished, but I wanted to show you anyways :) So, here are some its-still-dark-out-so-I-better-use-the-flash pictures!
The paint is too yellow for these, so I think I'll get some nice gold paint to re-do this. I still have to make the little flap-thingy for her cordial...And possibly slim the actual belt down, I think .5" is too large.

The evil flash has erased most of the detail on the quiver, but I promise its there. I 'carved' her initials and a bunch of swirls at the top. She can't wear this yet because on of the top straps of the quiver broke, so it just flops all over when she puts it on.

Her horn is my favorite piece, I was really lazy and only carved one side, so the other is mostly smooth. But, it looks good in pictures, and that's what really counts, right? :)
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Susan's Bow

     Hey! I've been on a bit of a Narnia kick today, so I decided to tackle a task that has been haunting me for quite a while... Making the Narnia girls' weapons. I commission all of their wardrobe from the talented Misselizabeth on the Agplaythings board, but I have had no luck with finding someone who can make replicas of their accessories. I've been avoiding this for so long, I'm pretty sure I started my Narnia project in 2011-- and those sets are/were first on my list. Anyways, I didn't even come close to finishing, but I did get a couple of major components finished! I made Susan her bow, and horn and I started on Lucy's dagger. All are sculpted from clay, the bow is painted with "leather" wrapped around the handle. I still have to go shopping to find all of the bits and bobs to make the straps and attachments for everything... But I'll try and work on them some more tomorrow. Anyways, Susan was pretty pleased to finally have her bow-- Even if I only had yellow elastics to secure it to her hands! Enjoy the pics! :)

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can get pictures of her horn once I finish baking it... I would really like to be able to finish up these sets this weekend, and start to work on their crowns! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Little Bit of Sewing

     Hey! Between school and volleyball, my sewing time has been pretty much non-existent. But, with a new girl arriving soon-- TS MIRWEN!!!-- She needs clothing, so I've made her a few dresses. The dress that I've pictured today isn't for her...  It's more of a fun project than anything else! I've been wanting to experiment with a closer fitting bodice for awhile, but every time I would try to make darts, they would be uneven. So, I chose pleating. There are four small pleats in the bodice front, each "pointing" toward the center. The bodice back got similar treatment, but only two pleats. The neckline is finished with lace, and it also has one relaxed box-pleat in the center. I had some leftover fabric from a quilt, so it was only about 3/4 of 1/8 yd. Usually, I would've liked to have given her a longer skirt, maybe even sleeves, but there was barely enough fabric as is. Anyways, enough talk, on to the pictures!

Sorry about the flash... These were taken at about 6am today... Too dark for nice pictures...


Skimpy hemline...

These were not measured out in any way, so they aren't perfectly symmetrical. But it looks close enough, especially for a first try! :)

Pretty Camryn, I cut her bangs, but I'm not sure if I like it yet...
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Settled

Wow! Who knew Colorado could be so cold?! I hate the packing and repacking process, but they said that this was that last move this year...
Where are those tacks...

Its starting to feel like home now, I put up all my old maps, and the blueprints of my dream house that I'm going to build someday.


Nothing like a warm quilt and a soft pillow to study on!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Robyn has arrived...

Hey! Wow. Lots going on right now, and a lot that I really need to update on! First off, Robyn (M-line Ante) arrived, and she is already in the process of being sold again. She looks ridiculous next to Camryn, too much like a cartoon for my tastes. But, I managed to snag a TAN A-line Mirwen off the secondary MP on Den of Angels to be Camryn's friend. Here are some pictures from Roby's brief visit, hopefully I can sell her and get her mailed out soon, so I can send the rest of the $$ for my other girl! Some of the pictures were ones I took for a body comparison, and sorry for the sideways pictures...
So, I've been brainstorming for Tan Mirwen, and I think I want her to be Afghanistan, or possibly Arabian. Here are some physical character types I was thinking of basing her off of:
 As for names, I have a few in mind... Akela (it means 'Alone'), Fathiyya ('Conquerer') Nadira (Rare, singular, uncommon) Her story will be a bit tragic-- She was abandoned at birth, and either sold into an underground slave trade where she was purchased by a kind(ish) master, but when he passed away, his son took over and he beat her. Or, she was palced into an orphanage but ran away when she was 9 and has been living in the streets...I was thinking of giving her scars-- but this all might be to graphic... But I find it fascinating! She will definitely have a dark brownish mohair wig and bright eyes, either blue or hazel. I would like to make her some traditional clothing items, but I should probably wait until I actually pay for her! :)
Anyways, thanks for listening! Hopefully I will be able to post more often, but most likely not...
:( (Boo on school!)


Friday, October 11, 2013


      Things have been really picking up around here, I don't think I've touched my sewing machine in over a week... And my dolls have been cruelly ignored. Between school and volleyball I'm super busy, but I've made a bit of time for my dolls! Here's a bit more of Camryn... Really crappy night time pictures, I apologize in advance... Anyways, here they are!

Camryn is homeschooled, so this is a little comic of her studying! :)




I think its time for a study break..



Good morning New York city!
That's it... Kind of short, and a bit boring... But I have a paper to write! :) Thanks for looking~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Picture Day!

     Hey! No continuation of Camryn's story today... Her real story doesn't really start until her an Robin see each other again, and Robin isn't here... But, I did have some time to go out and snap some pictures of her in the backyard! So, here they are!


Thanks for looking!