Thursday, March 28, 2013

Firey Redhead

      Todays post is dedicated to the (still) un-named pukifee... I made her little dress yesterday, using a technique found on Antique Lilac's Tutorial page for making fairy skirts. I might stitch some little trinkets to the skirt later on, but I really like how its looking so far! I just used my iron on the highest setting to scorch the fabric. Just get the fabric you wish to singe soaked, then wring it out and scrunch it up and rest the iron with medium pressure for about 20 seconds. I have a little wrap for her as well, but in these pictures its not shown. Here's my favs from todays photo shoot... Enjoy! :)

(Sorry about the sideways pics, I've tried everything to fix them... Ugh!)


Any name suggestions for her? I have her in the short curly blonde wig, but she stole Nim's for this shoot, and now I love her as a redhead! So, two questions: should I keep her as a read head? And, what should I name her??? I'm thinking something like Asrai (Az-rhei), Amalie (Ahm-a-lie), Fay, or Ami (Ah-mi)... Tell me what you think!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a Wednesday

     Wednesdays are kind of ho-hum, they're just as close to Mondays as they are to Fridays. :/ When going to take pictures for todays post, no one was really in the mood. So I took ONE picture (Which NEVER happens) of the pukifees... They captured my Wednesday-blahs feelings very well. So, here is the first (And most likely the last) one-picture-post.

In other news, I will be in Spokane for a VB tournament from tomorrow until Sunday, so I most likely won't have any new posts for you! Sorry about that, I'll be better next week! :)
PS Thanks to a wonderful comment-er, I finally got around to figuring out how to add the follow-me thingie to my blog! now you can type in your e-mail to that box and get notified of new posts!

Monday, March 25, 2013


     Phew! Double posting today... Yesterday (and today) have been absolutely GORGEOUS. Sunshine, over 65 ahhhh! Living in WA in nice, great mountains lots of green mild weather-- But, the sun does not make very frequent visits. So, when it does make a brief appearance, you learn take advantage of it! I've been weeding, mowing, and neglecting my sewing for two whole days! ;)

     Anyways, yesterday I took Nim and her new little friend (yet-to-be-name) out for their first photo shoot together! Here are  my favorite pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

Nim wasn't too patient, she insisted on lying down right away!

I have no idea on what to name my new cutie.. Any suggestions?

She is so sad-looking... I find her to be far more mature than Nim, and is always frustrated by her endless enthusiasm and shenanigans!

Nim looked so fairy-like in this picture!

Well, its supposed to be nice until Thursday, so maybe I can put off more projects and take pictures instead! Thanks for looking! :)

My Narnia AG's

 This post is going to introduce my American Girl dolls based off of the Narnia movies. So far, I have Susan and Lucy, and I don't have plans to add any more... Yet... :) I only have a couple of pictures today, just to show you what they look like and some of their clothing.

     Here are both of the girls together in a couple of their outfits from the Price Caspian movie:

     Here is one with just Lucy, look at how sweet she is!

And here is a picture of the Wardrobe, right now, it serves as a storage place for their extensive wardrobe!

     Susan is a "Ruthie" doll from American Girl, I painted her freckles and had her hair done by Selena on agplaythings and youtube . She was not a particularity difficult doll to customize, and I love how she looks now!

     Lucy is an older "Kit" doll from American Girl, purchased second-hand. She has two wigs, one short and one long because her hair changes lengths from movie to movie. Other than that, she has no other customizations. I wanted to use the older AG doll because I love how soft her face looks, and it makes her look a bit younger than Susan, which was important to me.

     I did not make all of their clothing, not even most of it! I wanted the outfits to be replicas of the movie outfits, and I didn't think that I would even be satisfied with my own work. And I really didn't want to have this huge project that I was forever tweaking to make it *just* right. Most of their clothing is made by a very talented member of Agplaythings , MissElizabeth. She inspired me with her own Lucy doll, and I decided to ask her if she would be interested in commissioning a few outfits, which turned into many!

     Feel free to ask questions, or comments! Thanks for listening <3

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dabbling in the Arts


I already introduced Nim in my earlier posts, so I won't have to explain the whole story when introducing the newest member of my BJD family! I found a pretty good deal on another Fairyland pukifee doll (same as Nim) without a faceup. (The face paint) So, I bought her and decided that I was going to learn how to do faceups!

A little bit of background info: I took private art lessons from a very talented artist for about six years, so the actual painting part wasn't a huge challenge. But I can say, first hand, that the faceup artists deserve every cent of their commission charges! Luckily I was able to find a very helpful tutorial on DOA to assist me in my attempts. So, I ended up wiping the first attempt shortly after completion, as it was pretty sorry-looking. Then, I re-did it a day later with the tutorial, and I'm liking this one much better!

Overall, it is really fun to do faceups, I would consider doing them for other people once I get more practice! I think that starting on one of the smallest face sizes may not have been the best option, but I hope I can get a larger doll to practice on! I do have pictures, and I will share the pictures of my first, even though it is pretty rough! I would love to hear comments, questions, critiques, suggestions or any advice you may have! :)

Here is my first ever faceup:
And my second attempt:

Thanks for reading! I hope to share pictures of my Narnia-inspired Ag collection next! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013



     Just thought I'd share a bit of my newest project, relating to my sweet 16 this summer!
My dad used to read the Narnia book series to us (brother and I) when we were younger and I remember dreaming of traveling off to some magical land and wearing a beautiful Narnian dress. As you can imagine, when the first movie came out I was smitten! The adventure, wonder and beautiful clothes! If you have not seen the movie, then I highly recommend it, I actually like it more than the book! I've always been able to personally relate to Susan, her practical no-nonsense personality... And when I saw her green archery dress worn in the first movie, I dreamed of wearing something as beautiful as that! Here is a picture for those who haven't seen it:

     Oh! A beautiful full-length gown, perfect for exploring and adventuring! With all of that being said, when it came to deciding on a theme for my 16th birthday this summer, I wanted to have a Narnia themed party and make this dress for myself to wear. The party will mostly be my family, with a few of my close friends... And everyone will be in costume! I've started on my prototype, because I want to have plenty of time to get all of the details right. So far, I've taken about 3 yards of cheap thrift store velvet that I had sitting in my stash to make a mock-up. I decided to make a Princess seamed dress with two or three gores in the skirt. The sleeves will be "slashed" like her dress from the movie, and it will lace up in the back. I still might end up using a pattern, but I wanted to try my hand at drafting! Here are some more pictures of the details, I would love to hear any ideas that you may have... Any sources for fabric would be greatly appreciated!

:) Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for pictures of progress-- Again, just let me know f you have any suggestions!

Friday, March 15, 2013


This post is introducing my little Nim, my traveling companion and blog inspiration, she will make frequent visits and insist on her fair share of posts! below is a (kind of long... And ramble-y) post about BJD's in general... Feel free to skip over it, or read it to learn more! :)
I've always had an appreciation for things that are well made, combine that with my love for sewing and dolls, it wasn't long before I found out about BJD's. BJD's (Ball Jointed Dolls) are known for their artistic faces and exquisite posing abilities. When I was shopping for my first BJD, I stumbled across an amazing BJD company called Fairyland. Linky 
Fairyland has several sizes available, but I wanted a cute little doll that I could bring with me wherever I pleased. So, I chose this beautiful little Pukifee Doll. These dolls are about 6 inches tall, and have amazing possibility, as well as being completely customizable! They have removable wigs, and eyes. Their face-plates snap off to be able to change expressions or total look. 
I bought her secondhand on a well known BJD doll forum called Den of Angels 
Her name is Nim, and she has a saucy (selfish o.O) demanding personality, and an approximate age of 4. She is  total tomboy, and I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future! :) I will be introducing many more new faces in the next week, as well as showing my work space and projects in process! *So stay tuned for the next installment of Uniquely Me!* :)

Trying New Things

Some of you may know me from various doll boards or forums, on those I usually go by katelauren. Here, I'm just plain Kate. 15-year-old Seamstress, designer, actress, baker, quilter, crafter, impatient knitter, business woman, frugal, Narnia zealot, Fairyland enthusiast, and American Girl doll lover.

Starting a blog has been on my mind for quite awhile, I wanted to have a place to be able to explore all of my interests to the fullest and  document my (many) hobbies! Creating things brings me great satisfaction. Whether I am making things to sell, to give away or to just enjoy- I hope to share them with you.

I really want this blog to be interesting, inspiring and innovative... But that might not happen all at once in every post! :) I want to share pictures of my projects, ideas and progress. I also would like to use this blog to improve on my photography, so, please bear with me as I ramble about everything that comes to my mind, and everything that each day brings! Thank you for supporting me, and I hope that you find this blog to be worth your time to read. :)