Thursday, March 28, 2013

Firey Redhead

      Todays post is dedicated to the (still) un-named pukifee... I made her little dress yesterday, using a technique found on Antique Lilac's Tutorial page for making fairy skirts. I might stitch some little trinkets to the skirt later on, but I really like how its looking so far! I just used my iron on the highest setting to scorch the fabric. Just get the fabric you wish to singe soaked, then wring it out and scrunch it up and rest the iron with medium pressure for about 20 seconds. I have a little wrap for her as well, but in these pictures its not shown. Here's my favs from todays photo shoot... Enjoy! :)

(Sorry about the sideways pics, I've tried everything to fix them... Ugh!)


Any name suggestions for her? I have her in the short curly blonde wig, but she stole Nim's for this shoot, and now I love her as a redhead! So, two questions: should I keep her as a read head? And, what should I name her??? I'm thinking something like Asrai (Az-rhei), Amalie (Ahm-a-lie), Fay, or Ami (Ah-mi)... Tell me what you think!

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