Monday, March 25, 2013

My Narnia AG's

 This post is going to introduce my American Girl dolls based off of the Narnia movies. So far, I have Susan and Lucy, and I don't have plans to add any more... Yet... :) I only have a couple of pictures today, just to show you what they look like and some of their clothing.

     Here are both of the girls together in a couple of their outfits from the Price Caspian movie:

     Here is one with just Lucy, look at how sweet she is!

And here is a picture of the Wardrobe, right now, it serves as a storage place for their extensive wardrobe!

     Susan is a "Ruthie" doll from American Girl, I painted her freckles and had her hair done by Selena on agplaythings and youtube . She was not a particularity difficult doll to customize, and I love how she looks now!

     Lucy is an older "Kit" doll from American Girl, purchased second-hand. She has two wigs, one short and one long because her hair changes lengths from movie to movie. Other than that, she has no other customizations. I wanted to use the older AG doll because I love how soft her face looks, and it makes her look a bit younger than Susan, which was important to me.

     I did not make all of their clothing, not even most of it! I wanted the outfits to be replicas of the movie outfits, and I didn't think that I would even be satisfied with my own work. And I really didn't want to have this huge project that I was forever tweaking to make it *just* right. Most of their clothing is made by a very talented member of Agplaythings , MissElizabeth. She inspired me with her own Lucy doll, and I decided to ask her if she would be interested in commissioning a few outfits, which turned into many!

     Feel free to ask questions, or comments! Thanks for listening <3

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