Monday, March 18, 2013



     Just thought I'd share a bit of my newest project, relating to my sweet 16 this summer!
My dad used to read the Narnia book series to us (brother and I) when we were younger and I remember dreaming of traveling off to some magical land and wearing a beautiful Narnian dress. As you can imagine, when the first movie came out I was smitten! The adventure, wonder and beautiful clothes! If you have not seen the movie, then I highly recommend it, I actually like it more than the book! I've always been able to personally relate to Susan, her practical no-nonsense personality... And when I saw her green archery dress worn in the first movie, I dreamed of wearing something as beautiful as that! Here is a picture for those who haven't seen it:

     Oh! A beautiful full-length gown, perfect for exploring and adventuring! With all of that being said, when it came to deciding on a theme for my 16th birthday this summer, I wanted to have a Narnia themed party and make this dress for myself to wear. The party will mostly be my family, with a few of my close friends... And everyone will be in costume! I've started on my prototype, because I want to have plenty of time to get all of the details right. So far, I've taken about 3 yards of cheap thrift store velvet that I had sitting in my stash to make a mock-up. I decided to make a Princess seamed dress with two or three gores in the skirt. The sleeves will be "slashed" like her dress from the movie, and it will lace up in the back. I still might end up using a pattern, but I wanted to try my hand at drafting! Here are some more pictures of the details, I would love to hear any ideas that you may have... Any sources for fabric would be greatly appreciated!

:) Thanks for listening! Stay tuned for pictures of progress-- Again, just let me know f you have any suggestions!

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