Friday, March 15, 2013


This post is introducing my little Nim, my traveling companion and blog inspiration, she will make frequent visits and insist on her fair share of posts! below is a (kind of long... And ramble-y) post about BJD's in general... Feel free to skip over it, or read it to learn more! :)
I've always had an appreciation for things that are well made, combine that with my love for sewing and dolls, it wasn't long before I found out about BJD's. BJD's (Ball Jointed Dolls) are known for their artistic faces and exquisite posing abilities. When I was shopping for my first BJD, I stumbled across an amazing BJD company called Fairyland. Linky 
Fairyland has several sizes available, but I wanted a cute little doll that I could bring with me wherever I pleased. So, I chose this beautiful little Pukifee Doll. These dolls are about 6 inches tall, and have amazing possibility, as well as being completely customizable! They have removable wigs, and eyes. Their face-plates snap off to be able to change expressions or total look. 
I bought her secondhand on a well known BJD doll forum called Den of Angels 
Her name is Nim, and she has a saucy (selfish o.O) demanding personality, and an approximate age of 4. She is  total tomboy, and I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future! :) I will be introducing many more new faces in the next week, as well as showing my work space and projects in process! *So stay tuned for the next installment of Uniquely Me!* :)

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