Monday, March 25, 2013


     Phew! Double posting today... Yesterday (and today) have been absolutely GORGEOUS. Sunshine, over 65 ahhhh! Living in WA in nice, great mountains lots of green mild weather-- But, the sun does not make very frequent visits. So, when it does make a brief appearance, you learn take advantage of it! I've been weeding, mowing, and neglecting my sewing for two whole days! ;)

     Anyways, yesterday I took Nim and her new little friend (yet-to-be-name) out for their first photo shoot together! Here are  my favorite pictures, I hope you enjoy them!

Nim wasn't too patient, she insisted on lying down right away!

I have no idea on what to name my new cutie.. Any suggestions?

She is so sad-looking... I find her to be far more mature than Nim, and is always frustrated by her endless enthusiasm and shenanigans!

Nim looked so fairy-like in this picture!

Well, its supposed to be nice until Thursday, so maybe I can put off more projects and take pictures instead! Thanks for looking! :)

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