Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Picturesque Post

    Hey! Todays post is mostly pictures, the weather is still beautiful here so I seized the opportunity and took my poor attention-lacking American Girl dolls outside! Ever since I got my BJD's, my American Girl dolls have been pretty much ignored. I've only made two AG sized dresses in the past three months! (I used to make two or more a week!) But today, the spotlight is theirs. Most of the pictures I took are of Mia, my only modern AG doll but I snuck a few Narnia ones in there too because they are so pretty in their coronation gowns. The historical AG's will have to wait for another day, I didn't have enough time to take pictures of each of them (4 dolls means ALOT more pictures), even with three dolls I took almost 100 pics! Here are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy! :)

     The Narnia gowns were made by the talented Misselizabeth on the Agplaythings board, I commissioned them from her last year. All of the modern clothes are a mix of handmade, AG and cheap target brand!
Queen Susan, this is one the best gowns on her... But she looks amazing in all of her things!

Queen Lucy, this isn't my absolute favorite on her, but she still looks lovely!

Mia, my lone modern girl. She is a tomboy at heart, but likes to dress up every now and again.

     Thanks for looking! I hope you liked the pictures, I may or may not post tomorrow, my parents are due back from vacation tonight (late... 1:30am...) so we'll probably spend the day hanging out together, but who knows! I might end up being inspired! :)

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