Monday, April 15, 2013

Back in WA! And a Little Sale

     Hey! I'm back from Kentucky, and I had a great time! The weather was great, sunny, warm but really humid! We stayed in a really nice hotel, and we only played three games (of volleyball) a day, and we didn't start until three pm so I got to see a few things while I was there. (For normal tournaments, we usually have to be at the court by 7:30am... Most courts are 1hr+ away... So this was a nice change!) We drove around downtown Louisville and saw the giant Louisville sluggers, we ate at some great restaurants and had a really fun time! I got to see the Kentucky Derby Museum and try on some really fun Derby hats which got me thinking about making some doll sized ones.... Hmmm... More projects! ;)

     Today I have a sort of sad post, that needs a small background before beginning. My first BJD was a Littlefee Chloe that I bought NIB off of e-bay. She wasn't the exact sculpt I was looking for, but I didn't care (at the time). Anyways, we've had issues bonding, and I've decided that the Littlefee's aren't really the size for me. So, I offer my little Jovi up for adoption before she's even had an introduction on my blog!

     She is in excellent condition, her body has some small scratches from putting clothing on her, nothing that is to noticeable. Her face is gorgeous, and she has wonderful coloring. Her skin has not yellowed at all to my knowledge. She has her box, papers a wig, eyes, wig cap and over 40 pieces of handmade clothing! Here are her pictures:

Here is everything in one picture, keep scrolling for the breakdown! :)

Beautiful girl in her box, not pictured, but her box has a small split on the front seam... It came to me that way.

Clothing not made by me:
Two Wicked Stitchery dresses
Hand-knit set from etsy
Monique wig
Wig cap

Clothing made by me, not all of it has closures, I usually just pin her clothes on. If you would like, I can add closures to the non finished items before she moves out! The items are all finished on the insides, most with a zig-zag stitch.

All of her socks and undies... And pretty things!

     I was looking to get $400 for the whole lot, or I would be willing to trade for an A-line minifee girl in either skin tone, any sculpt. (I would also be willing to put up more $$ on my side to make for an even trade.)
     If you're interested, you can leave a comment, contact me on DOA (katelauren) or send me an e-mail at:
     Thanks for reading! Any questions or comments, just let me know and I'll answer ASAP! :)

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