Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Bedding

     Today I think I'll take a break from posting about my BJD's, as they seem to have taken over this blog! In addition to sewing for dolls, people and sometimes pets, I also do a bit of quilting. The quilting I do is not the actual construction of the quilts, but the embroidery on top. On Friday's, I usually go and watch an amazing quilting artist who does freehand designs on quilt tops. Being myself, I wanted to learn how to do this so I got a special foot for my sewing machine to enable freehand quilting! Here's one of my first attempts, a quilt for an American Girl doll. And now for the pictures, enjoy!

Here's the quilt on Kit's bed, I made both pillows as well, just for fun!

 Close up shot showing the patterns!
With flash, showing the free-hand quilting

I've never known how to do binding on quilts, until my wonderful quilting friend showed me!

     Thanks for looking!

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