Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fariy: Take 2

     How are you today? Things are going well here, I finished putting snaps on about 7 dresses yesterday, and only took pictures of two.... Whoops! I've decided that my (still?!?) nameless Pukifee Bonnie is going to be a Fairy, or a fantasy character of some sort. I've made her a few outfits, and I've had tons of fun staining and tearing perfectly good clothes! :) I have a few pictures of her in her cream underdress and blue overskirt with her circlet and wrap for accessories! Yesterday, I also added to her faceup, and I blushed her hands/toes. Enjoy!

I love this picture of her! She looks so dreamy... :)
Her faceup now has more red in the brows to go with "her" wig... Nim's not happy. She also got WAY more blushing, but my camera washed her out, just imagine brighter cheeks and nose! :)
ARRRG! I thought I'd finally fixed the sideways picture deal... >:(
Thanks for looking! I'm still looking for her name, she's been on the blog too many times to be nameless! ;)

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