Wednesday, April 24, 2013


     Hey! Today I sold my littlefee Chloe, and now I'm going to re-invest that money into a minifee doll! I found a great gal on DOA's secondhand Marketplace, and snatched her up! She is a Luka, and has a cute little tattoo, and a manicure. She also has a cute custom faceup! Her body has cutie bust and cutie legs... YES! I have started to make some clothes for her, mostly leggings and tube-top stuff... But my grandma knitted a sweater for her with a free online pattern. Today I will send out little Chloe, and send the payment for Luka!
--These pictures are not mine--
Here she is! Beautiful Luka, soon to be Scathach...

Full-shot, and her tattoo!

This is the wig I got for her, not in this color though...
I got in in the orange brown ^^
Thanks for letting me squee! I'm so excited right now! Best part is, she will be shipping from the US so it won't be more than a week 'till she gets here! :D

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