Monday, April 8, 2013

Monster High re-paint

     Today I'm going to show you my newest creation, my Monster High repaint! Monster High dolls are basically plastic fashion dolls that are fashioned to be different Monsters. They are about $12 at Target (for the basic ones) so I didn't feel too bad about destroying experimenting on her. She started out as a Scaris Ghoulia doll, she lost her hair, facepaint, an clothing. But, no worries, I made her new everything! Her new wig isn't finished yet, so she is borrowing Nim's and another wig I had lying around! There are some awesome tutorials on youtube for repaints, I didn't use them, but they are very helpful. You can just search for "Monster High repaint tutorial" (Pretty straightforward!). I used my Arcrylics (Liquitex) and Durant? pastel pencils, I printed a picture of another repaint and loosely based mine off of it. Here are the pictures!

Blue-skinned and beautiful!


For anyone who was wondering what MH dolls look like without hair:

For her top, I used a loose-weave linen fabric and made a pattern as I went. I stitched to front with embroidery thread, and I have plans to embroider flowers on it as well. I still might take in the side seams to make it gap in the front, for more of a corset look!


     Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed, I plan to finish her clothes and put her in my etsy shop so I can move on to other projects! Let me know what you think of the repaint, I'd love to hear any comments you have to share!

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