Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Minifee Woes.

Hey! I'm sneaking in a quick post, I have a VB tournament this weekend. So I haven't been posting because of that! My minifee has not arrived yet... :( Expected delivery by the 27th? I don't think so. I was on pins and needles all day yesterday during our tournament, and made sure to tell my mom to be home when he mail came, otherwise they won't drop off any packages. Oh well! I guess I can wait until Monday.

I don't know why my package went to Florida before coming here, as we are in WA. As of now, she is in Federal Way. We will be going up there for my tournament today, but I don't think that I could pick her up from the post office! :)

Here are some GORGEOUS Luka's I found online to tide me over 'till Monday.

*These pictures are NOT my own*

OK, so I know he's not a girl, but this is the wig I ordered for Scathach, so I thought I'd show you the pictures! :)

Oh! She is so gorgeous! I love her expression here, and her makeup and, well, everything! :)

She is my absolute favorite. I love vintage styling, but this takes the cake!

Thanks for looking! Sorry about the meaningless post, I hope you enjoyed my ranting and impatience!


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