Tuesday, April 30, 2013

She came!

     YES! She finally did come, even though I only had to wait for four days (it felt like forever!). Unfortunately, she came before her wig, which should be here sometime this week. So, her pictures are all wig-less. The minute she got here, I touched up her faceup, giving her red brows and freckles. I'm still debating on whether I want to send her in to Xhanthi (Jointed Love) to get a faceup or try to get ahold of a Mirwen head still and keep this one around just for kicks. I'm head over heels in LOVE with her size though! When I took her out of her packaging, I thought "Oh my gosh. She is HUGE!" but she is perfect for costuming. I've already whipped up a bodice pattern for her, using the paper towels 'n' tape method. Next, is to sew her some panties so she can dress decently. Hopefully I can get to the fabric store today, I am itching to make new things for her! The clothes that I made for her ahead of time mostly fit-- Except one of the tube tops won't go over her hips! Here are some pictures of her, dressed as Scathatch, The Shadow. I made her armor out of (cheap) pleather-y stuff, and I made her weapons as well.

Here she is! Scatahtch, the Shadow. Excuse her baldness... I only have pukifees at the moment, so she can't share any wigs and her hair won't be in until later this week!

Her beautiful face, with flash.

Without flash. I love her eyes!

Her outfit, made by me.

     On another random note, today Nim got her swap package on DOA, she is very pleased! She received a new hat, dress, doll, chocolates, treasure chest and toy! Such a spoiled little gal! :)

Thanks for looking! I might not post about her again until her hair comes, I don't like to post about her without her proper parts! ;)

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