Monday, April 22, 2013

Spotlight on: Antique Lilac!

     Hey! I just wanted to share some amazing work done by the talented Antique Lilac! Her work never ceases to amaze me. She does all types of costuming, fantasy wear and even some fancy dresses! Although she no longer takes commissions, :( , you can still grab some of her work on her for sale page. I've been drooling over her Celtic Warrior Maiden outfits for the MSD's... (Of course, my mind has ben on nothing but minifee's since I got a trade offer for my Littlefee Chloe!) So, if you've never looked at her work, you're missing out! Please check out her site, and drool over her fantastic costuming skills!

     And since its no longer available, I decided to make on for my Minifee, who will get here eventually. Using her pictures as a reference, I started with some cheap plaid flannel-type fabric to make my "first-draft". Since I don't have the doll (yet) I went by the minifee measurements on DDE's page, and made a simple pleated skirt and wrap. I have to order some leather for my Narnia costume, so I'm going to get some for the accessories as well. The underdress was made using a free pattern I found online, and using Antique Lilac's Fairy Skit hem tutorial. The sleeves are grey ribbed knit, to cover her arms, as I will be making chainmail as well. Her over shirt is a loose-weave linen-fabric, which I will be adding embroidery to.

Here is a picture of Antique Lilac's Celtic Warrior Maiden outfit, (Not my picture, hers!)

Isn't it amazing?! I love the attention to detail, and overall concept! AMAZING!
Here's what I have to far:
(These are shown on my 14" Robert Tonner Narnia doll, she is chunkier, and has really broad shoulders, so none of this really fits her... But she's the closest size model!)
Full on shot! Underdress, cape, skirt... I think I might have to make a larger skirt, with smaller pleats.
Awesome 4-H pin my grandma gave me, it works really well with this outfit!

Again, sorry about the pictures, my room needs better lighting!

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for more progress... And hopefully a better model!

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