Friday, May 31, 2013

Kit Gets Another Dress

     Hey! Since I've been neglecting my sewing machine, I was in the mood to sew something today. I thought that Kit was looking a bit deprived *snickers* so she 'needed' a new dress... I've always wanted to try the Heritage Bubble Gum 1940's style dress pattern out, so I purchase that one from  Liberty Jane and started sewing! I had this really sweet vintage floral print, its a bit on the thin side, but I figured it'd make a great summer dress... This pattern is totally Kit, non-fussy and perfect for having adventures in!

Oh, today y mom and I went garage sale-ing and she found this great Radio Flyer wagon my little(est) brother...

Anyways, on to the pictures!

Thanks for  looking!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Productive Day?

     Hey! I haven't touched my sewing machine today, (*gasp*!) nor have I knitted, drawn, painted, crafted or designed. Today, I babysat. Some of the less glamorous work that I do, but I still enjoy it! I watched a sweet little girl from 9-3ish... Then her brother came home (3rd grade) and I watched them until about 4. Now, I have volleyball practice and I won't be home until 10! Ho-hum. You'd think with being homeschooled (and being DONE with school for the summer) that I'd have more time, not less! Oh well, I don't mind babysitting, I love getting to know the kids and watch them grow.

     Here are some BJD pictures that I keep because I love them, and they are so inspiring!

     Sorry about the post... I'll do better tomorrow! ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nim IS Spoiled!

      Hey! I have been talking with the very talented Valerie, of HappyKittyCrafts about making several dresses for Nim (FL pukifee) and a couple of outfits for a dollzone Christmas baby. She has gone above and beyond my expectations, and made over 20 pieces! Her prices are amazing, and everything is excellent quality, really, I cannot applaud you enough Valerie! Even though Nim would never say it, she feels like a princess when she wears all of these beautiful dresses. Valerie made the lacy sundresses with a pattern that I found on DOA and even though she doesn't have a pukifee doll, or a dollzone Christmas baby, I gave her the measurements and everything fits like a glove! Seriously, if you have ANY crochet needs (or wants) talk to Valerie... She is incredible!

     Now, I didn't purchase everything that she made for me, I figured since we live so close (about 40+ mins away) I would just place a monthly/bi-monthly order from her. But, here's the first batch of items! Nim was more than happy to oblige, she feels that she hasn't been getting fair camera time!

Such a sweet little Victorian-esque ensemble! Nim says that its her new Christmas dress! :)

This summer dress is one of my favorites! It even matches the style of some of the Dollzone Christmas baby clothes... Sweet!

This is Nim's "Princess dress" I still need to make a couple of slips for her. She has had a ball running around, dancing and twirling!

Another Victorian-styled dress. I love those sweet little flowers at the waist!

I ordered two of these, just because I love the pattern! The dresses fit Mini-American Girl dolls so mini-Addy is wearing one too!

What kind of a joke is this?!
No, hon, those are for the new baby!
What? New baby?
Yes, soon you will be getting a baby sister!
Why do we need one of those? I though I was the baby?
Thanks for looking! Again, be sure to check out Valerie's shop! ;)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nim meets Scatatch

     Hey! I realized that I had never posted pictures of Scathatch (Fairyland MNF) and Nim (Fairyland Pukifee) so I decided to do a little meet 'n' greet between the two of them! :) Enjoy!

Hi! I'm Nim.
Hello Nim.
What are you doing in MY house?
... I live here...
Well, don't even THINK about touching my stuff!
*eyeroll* Wouldn't dream of it.

Why are you so big?
I am a full-grown person.
Oh. Why do our hairs match?
I do not know. Perhaps we are related in some way?
Cool! I've always wanted a sister...

Come with me.

We do look quite similar...
Once you get your right eyeballs, then we'll be twinsies!

Such a sweet big sis! (They aren't actually related in my stories, but Nim will make appearances in her story line!)

Can I sit on your lap?

     Thanks for looking! Hopefully I will be able to post more about Nim, she is quite a saucy little girl!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doll Wardrobe, Blog Contest!

     Hey! I decided to enter the Doll Wardrobe's Blog contest! The basic concept is this: design a post for their blog, following the guidelines they have given. The winner is chosen at random, and gets an American Girl doll, or a gift card of equal value. So, instead of just e-mailing the info, I'll post it here so you all can see! :) 

     Since the contest requires E-mail entry, I just copy-and-pasted mine right to the blog, so I talk a bit about my blogging in the end... You can just skip over that part! Oh, these pictures have been on my blog before... Sorry about that!

 This is Mia, she also goes by Pippa in her favorite outfit. She is a tomboy at heart, but dresses up on occasion. And loves to layer her clothes to create unique looks. This is her newest 'creation', and it is made up of lots of different bits and pieces. Her first top (floral purple-ish one) is a target knock-off, it came in the same set as her skirt, her outermost top is a Liberty Jane piece, her headband is Kanani's party dress headband and her shoes are MYAG. This outfit is cool and comfortable, perfect for a summer BBQ, or just hanging out with her friends!

So, that's Mia. Here's an outfit that she would LOVE to have, trouble is, they don't make it in her size! :D This outfit is a style called Mori, or Mori Girl. Basically, vintage, earthy, bohemian and hippie all intertwined! :) Here is her dream outfit!
I do have a blog, it isn't exclusively for dolls, but I do post about them more often than not! I post pictures, progress, inspiration, thoughts and sometimes things that just pop into my head! Here's my blog, we'd love for you to check us out!
End of my entry... Thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The New Scathatch!

    Hey! I know I've introduced you to Scathatch a couple of times, but her last face sculpt was just too young for the character I had in mind for her. So, I posted a wanted ad on Den Of Angels. I got one response, they said that they had a Mirwen head with an Angel Toast faceup, so I jumped on the chance! I also made a few new things for her, to match her personality! I worked out a pattern for her cargo pants, made a couple of tank tops, arm warmers and a couple of sets of nunchukau. I still need to get her a pair of brighter green eyes, but these will do for now. Here are the pictures of Scathatch, The Warrior Maiden.

Without flash, looking mighty fierce!
With flash:
Her gorgeous face! :D

Love her eyes in the one!

Her pants that I made today, complete with pocket for the nunchukau!

And butt pockets, for no apparent reason!

(Ooh... Ugly topstitching though!)

     Thanks for looking, and expect to see MUCH more of her in the (near) future, this is how I pictured Scathatch in my head while reading the books! :) Also, I have a VB tournament all weekend, so if I do not get around to posting much, that's why!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Anna!

       Hello! Yesterday you got a sneak peek at my Anna Rubin doll, Rebecca's cousin from Russia. In Rebecca's books, she comes on a steamer ship with her family, all from Russia, to start life in America. They have no money, and wear all of their belonging during the long trip. Rebecca and Anna are alike enough to be sisters, but I didn't want them to be the same face mold. I also didn't want Anna to have the same hair/eye combo. (I still may switch her eyes to brown/amber later.. For now, she looks fine!) So, when American Girl had their CRAZY Jill's Steals and Deals sale, I jumped on the chance and got my own Marie-Grace! I think the subtle facial differences make them similar enough, without being twins. Also, in Rebecca's stories, her and Anna wear Rebecca's twin sisters' hand-me-downs, so they often look alike! So, I would like to introduce you to Anna, the Immigrant American Girl!

     Take home the brave Anna Rubin, she travels across the great blue ocean in a steamer ship to unite with her family in New York. Life in America is supposed to be sweet, but they soon find that not everything is as it seems.

     Anna will arrive in a old-fashioned summer dress, apron, boot, heavy wool stockings, two petticoats, and pantalets. Her family was not able to carry any possessions with them, so they had to wear all of their clothes! Her accessories include: heavy overcoat,  shawl, kerchief, carpetbag and rag doll.
Here she is, showing her "meet" outfit/accessories!

She has such a sweet face! <3
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Work On the Doll House!

     Hey! I know, I know... Everything has been about this doll house lately... But, its the biggest project that I have going on right now, and it requires ALOT of work/attention! So, today I have to share some of my progress! I finished wallpaper-ing (Mrs. Fords) Addy's Dress Shop, now I just have to panel/trim it! I also found this really cool shelf liner at Marshall's today, and for $5.99 I snatched it up! I got two 30yd rolls... So, if anyone needs some cute shelf liner... I'm your girl! ;) I put the electric blue shelf liner in Rebecca's Parlor, it might not be period appropriate, but since I don't really care, I though that this would be a great option. :) Everything is finally coming together! After I get the rest of the "grunt work" done, then its just the really fun fiddly stuff that I love to do!

Here are some pictures:

Oh my goodness! this picture is awful. I don't know why everything is purple, because the doll is Addy (if you hadn't already guessed....) and the walls and floor are white, and the wallpaper is a light tan!
Anyways, this is the dress shop! 

This is the real color of the dress shops' walls!
Rebecca and Anna in the parlor.

Close-up of the pattern/"window" (Without a frame... Yet!)

And a close up shot of these two, just because!

Thanks for looking! I hopefully will be getting Scathatch's head soon, so I can work on getting the MNF items up in my shop!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kit Takes the Spotlight

     Hey! Today, I wanted to share some picture of Kit... A couple of days ago I took my brothers to the park, and remembered to grab my camera and a couple of dolls! :D Kit looked great in her new clothes, and I wanted to share all of her headshots! :) (Also, I'm so happy that I finally tracked down her treehouse outfit, and overalls/boots...  I found them in a Craig's List lot that I picked up for cheap... Now I only have ONE outfit left that I want to get for her!)

     Enjoy! <3

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Music Wall

     Hey! Things are a little slow around here today... I'm getting sick, and Scathatch's head isn't here, so not even she can cheer me up! Just wanted to share a few quick pictures of the BJD loft... I finally finished the Music wall... Now all that's left is to build shelving for the opposite wall, add one window, then I can begin to decorate! :) (Hopefully that will put me in a better mood!)

Here are le photos:

The corner that is finished:
So far, I'm loving this look!

The whole room:
Nim is dreaming of a space all to herself, and Scathatch is dreaming of re-uniting with her head... Erp. O.o

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Sweet Addy

     Hey! Today, I though I'd introduce my sweet Addy... I haven't shown you guys all of my AG dolls, so I think I'll start! :) Addy was my first doll, I received her on my eighth birthday my parents were skeptical in giving me a $100 doll... But I'm glad they did! Being eight, I played with Addy until she was pretty much finished, so I decided to sell her. After selling her, I regretted it, and recently I found a Craig's List lot with this gorgeous Addy, and snatched her up! So, this is Addy #2... And she won't be leaving any time soon. The room she's standing in is going to be Mrs. Ford's dress shop, I have to wallpaper it, panel it, add some trim, build shelves and add lots of fun accessories... (Lots of work!) Anyways, here are the pictures!

     Her outfit was made my the talented Bonnie of Bonnie Blue Designs. I had the privilege of meeting her at the Marysville street fair last summer, and I picked out a couple of outfits at her booth! Bonnie and her husband are Civil War re-enactors, and this outfit is a traveling outfit based on real fashions from the time.

The full-ensemble... The outfit included: Hat, hatbox (not pictured), caplet, jacket, skirt, petticoat, snood and pantalets! Her atttention to detail is amazing, plus Addy looks so sweet!

This is how she normally wears it, Isn't she sweet?

Close-up :)

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can introduce some more of my gals in the next few days... Also, sorry about not posting yesterday! I went moped-ing on the San Juan Islands for my Aunt Karla's birthday... We had a blast!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mirwen is Coming!

     Hey! I just sent the payment for a gorgeous MNF Mirwen head with an Angel Toast faceup... I had posted a wanted ad on DOA looking for a Mirwen head, because my Luka just wasn't the *perfect* mold for Scathatch. So, I decided to sell my Luka head, and partially cover my Mirwen! Anyways, I'm just so excited that I had to share! :) Here is a picture of her:

     Thanks for looking!

Progress on The Doll Rooms!

     Hey! Just sharing some progress that I made on the doll rooms! I finished wallpapering the back wall of the BJD loft... I'll have to see if I can find more of that awesome brick wallpaper, I really love how in turned out! I also started to put up old sheet music on one of the short walls... But I ran out of Modge Podge before I could finish! I think I want to have a bed in the loft, maybe something more vintage-inspired? I've been looking at some options from various sources, and here's what I've come up with:

     These pictures are not mine! If the owners are not comfortable with your pictures being up, please let me know!

This bed is from American Girl, its Molly's bed, but I think it would look great with the brickwork! 
Also American Girl, I think that this would be more elegant, less country chic... More toward the shabby chic side of things...

And this one is gorgeous, but I don't know if I can justify the $140, without it even coming with bedding! (Says the girl with the $400 doll.. - -)

I'm also thinking of making a few quilts, and lots of throw pillows! My friend made me some amazing scrabble tile throw pillows for my birthday, and I'd like to do  set for that room... I'd also like to make a chandelier, and a shelving system for one wall! Next step: make the windows, and get more modge podge to finish the music wall...