Sunday, May 5, 2013

Almost done!

     Hey! Today I got another chance to work on the Celtic Maiden outfit. Yesterday I did the embroidery/beading on he top, and today I made her wrist guards. It is really refreshing to make something so substantial and detailed. Usually the projects I work on are un-adorned and relatively simple, but I think I might start to do more hand-work on my designs. It was my fist time doing beadwork and embroidery, even though it isn't the neatest, I think it turned out pretty well! Next time, I'll use embroidery thread, and smaller stiches. Also, I still can't decide if I want to add the spiral designs on the front of the tunic or not... I think I will, because  can always take it out if I don't like it... But for now, I'm enjoying Scathatch in her new outfit! Even though this isn't finished, my minds already racing to the next project, and I've come up with w few ideas for her next costume... I'll give you a hint-- It involves using lots of soda cans! :) For now, here are the pictures of Scathatch in her (almost) completed Celtic Warrior Maid outfit.

Here is a full-length shot of all of her costume in its glory... I think I'm in love! :)

Close-up shot of the new beading/embroidery on her tunic, as well as her arm guards.

Her boots, that I said I would get a better picture of!

These things are a pain in the butt to make, but once they're done, you want to make 100 pairs! :)

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can clue you in on the next costume for her this week, I've started making a couple of things for it... 'Till next time!

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