Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Introducing, Scathatch!

     Hey! I would like to formally introduce Scathatch. Sure, I've posted about her a few times, but her new wig finally came and she now feels complete! I absolutely LOVE her wig, (I talked about it a few posts ago) the color is exactly what I had in mind, and the styling is perfect. She's supposed to be about 17, with striking green eyes and fiery red hair that wears tee's and combat boots. She runs a Dojo, and is a martial arts expert, so I wanted her to look very tough and she is supposed to be over 10,000 years old--The challenge was to find things that made her look current, but wouldn't be out of place if they were put in other time periods. Anyways, here she is! This is her first "real" modern outfit... I haven't ordered her boots, but just imagine black combat/Doc Marten-type shoes!

Thanks for looking! Sorry about the rambling... I'm just excited that she is actually materializing... This hasn't happened to me before! :)

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