Monday, May 13, 2013

Making a townhouse

     Hey! Over the weekend I got the chance to work on my display rooms, housed in my sewing/crafting area. For my BJD's I wanted to have a cute little area for them to hang out in, and while I was shopping for "wallpaper" (Scrapbooking paper) I found a great scale brick print! It is the perfect scale for MNF/pukifee, so I snatched up all that they had in stock... Only 6 12"x12" sheets. This wasn't enough to cover all three walls, and not enough to completely cover the back wall, but I decided to go for it anyways. Hopefully you can't see all of the seams, but they are definitely there! As you can see, its not all the way finished... Hopefully I can snatch a few moments to work on it today. I've been working on a ton of things to put in my etsy shop for Minifee Girls.... Some are fitted for Cute/small bust, some are cut for looser firs to accommodate all sizes. :) Everything is vintage-inspired!

Here are the pictures of the "townhouse":

And here is a sneak peek at my new items coming soon!

A sweet little peplum bustier, paired with a coordinating-lime green polka dot high-wasted shorts!

Such a sweet 'n' sassy outfit!

Floral, fitted, flare and fabulous!

Thanks for looking, and sorry this post is so late! My grandparents came in from MN to visit us, so thing shave been busy 'round here! Tomorrow, I'll try to post about some of the other rooms in my new dollie space! :D

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