Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Minifee Sewing

     Hey! Today I started to work on another outfit for Scathatch (Who is rapidly becoming my favorite model!), its supposed to be a boys outfit, but I figured that she may have worn something like tis in her very long life! Its does lea a bit more on the fantasy side of things, but I think it is plausible that a man, or boy, might have worn something like this in the 1700-1800's. So far, I've made her cloak, shirt and pants. I still am planning on making a vest, bag and shoes/stockings. Here's a picture of the style of the vest I'm going to make:

     I actually found a really great fabric sample at Joann's when I was there last, it was one of their home décor samples, they had them redlined at $2.00 and then half off... So for $1.00 I found a nice and thin brocade fabric! (You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good fabrics in the right scale and drape for this size!)

     Anyways, I really do like this outfit on her, I pretend that she is traveling, hiding from her many foes. It has a Hobbit-esque feel, definitely something out of LOTR! :) Here's a picture, enjoy!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can get more things done tomorrow, time is just not my friend! Tonight we're going to IKEA so I can get shelving for my room to display my doll collection! I'm so excited!!! Hopefully I can get some displays finished for you to see soon!

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