Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Work On the Doll House!

     Hey! I know, I know... Everything has been about this doll house lately... But, its the biggest project that I have going on right now, and it requires ALOT of work/attention! So, today I have to share some of my progress! I finished wallpaper-ing (Mrs. Fords) Addy's Dress Shop, now I just have to panel/trim it! I also found this really cool shelf liner at Marshall's today, and for $5.99 I snatched it up! I got two 30yd rolls... So, if anyone needs some cute shelf liner... I'm your girl! ;) I put the electric blue shelf liner in Rebecca's Parlor, it might not be period appropriate, but since I don't really care, I though that this would be a great option. :) Everything is finally coming together! After I get the rest of the "grunt work" done, then its just the really fun fiddly stuff that I love to do!

Here are some pictures:

Oh my goodness! this picture is awful. I don't know why everything is purple, because the doll is Addy (if you hadn't already guessed....) and the walls and floor are white, and the wallpaper is a light tan!
Anyways, this is the dress shop! 

This is the real color of the dress shops' walls!
Rebecca and Anna in the parlor.

Close-up of the pattern/"window" (Without a frame... Yet!)

And a close up shot of these two, just because!

Thanks for looking! I hopefully will be getting Scathatch's head soon, so I can work on getting the MNF items up in my shop!

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