Monday, May 20, 2013

My Sweet Addy

     Hey! Today, I though I'd introduce my sweet Addy... I haven't shown you guys all of my AG dolls, so I think I'll start! :) Addy was my first doll, I received her on my eighth birthday my parents were skeptical in giving me a $100 doll... But I'm glad they did! Being eight, I played with Addy until she was pretty much finished, so I decided to sell her. After selling her, I regretted it, and recently I found a Craig's List lot with this gorgeous Addy, and snatched her up! So, this is Addy #2... And she won't be leaving any time soon. The room she's standing in is going to be Mrs. Ford's dress shop, I have to wallpaper it, panel it, add some trim, build shelves and add lots of fun accessories... (Lots of work!) Anyways, here are the pictures!

     Her outfit was made my the talented Bonnie of Bonnie Blue Designs. I had the privilege of meeting her at the Marysville street fair last summer, and I picked out a couple of outfits at her booth! Bonnie and her husband are Civil War re-enactors, and this outfit is a traveling outfit based on real fashions from the time.

The full-ensemble... The outfit included: Hat, hatbox (not pictured), caplet, jacket, skirt, petticoat, snood and pantalets! Her atttention to detail is amazing, plus Addy looks so sweet!

This is how she normally wears it, Isn't she sweet?

Close-up :)

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can introduce some more of my gals in the next few days... Also, sorry about not posting yesterday! I went moped-ing on the San Juan Islands for my Aunt Karla's birthday... We had a blast!

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