Thursday, May 16, 2013

Narnia Progress!

     Hey! Today I have some progress on my Narnia costume! I gave up on Joann Fabrics, and ordered a used pattern off of e-bay for about $7.00... So, I had to pay a bit more than I wanted for a pattern I'm going to cut up, but I think its going to be worth it! Today, I worked on my muslin mock-up, normally, I wouldn't need to use a mock-up if I was using a pattern, but I figured since I was drafting a sleeve pattern, I should take the extra precautions. Next, I have to order fabric and get to the actual sewing part! I'll get some picture for you a bit later (I need to find the camera!) , I got the main dress done, and the sleeves are done, just not set in yet. The pattern worked great, I just need to get rid of the train in the back, and add 2+ inches all the way around!

Full-length shot on my mannequin... Its pretty transparent, so I decided not to model for this step! 
Three-seamed princess seams!

Sleeve experiment... I like how the slashes turned out! :)

Thanks for looking! :)
Next, I'll order my fabric and hopefully get this project finished! :)

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