Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nim IS Spoiled!

      Hey! I have been talking with the very talented Valerie, of HappyKittyCrafts about making several dresses for Nim (FL pukifee) and a couple of outfits for a dollzone Christmas baby. She has gone above and beyond my expectations, and made over 20 pieces! Her prices are amazing, and everything is excellent quality, really, I cannot applaud you enough Valerie! Even though Nim would never say it, she feels like a princess when she wears all of these beautiful dresses. Valerie made the lacy sundresses with a pattern that I found on DOA and even though she doesn't have a pukifee doll, or a dollzone Christmas baby, I gave her the measurements and everything fits like a glove! Seriously, if you have ANY crochet needs (or wants) talk to Valerie... She is incredible!

     Now, I didn't purchase everything that she made for me, I figured since we live so close (about 40+ mins away) I would just place a monthly/bi-monthly order from her. But, here's the first batch of items! Nim was more than happy to oblige, she feels that she hasn't been getting fair camera time!

Such a sweet little Victorian-esque ensemble! Nim says that its her new Christmas dress! :)

This summer dress is one of my favorites! It even matches the style of some of the Dollzone Christmas baby clothes... Sweet!

This is Nim's "Princess dress" I still need to make a couple of slips for her. She has had a ball running around, dancing and twirling!

Another Victorian-styled dress. I love those sweet little flowers at the waist!

I ordered two of these, just because I love the pattern! The dresses fit Mini-American Girl dolls so mini-Addy is wearing one too!

What kind of a joke is this?!
No, hon, those are for the new baby!
What? New baby?
Yes, soon you will be getting a baby sister!
Why do we need one of those? I though I was the baby?
Thanks for looking! Again, be sure to check out Valerie's shop! ;)

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