Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nim meets Scatatch

     Hey! I realized that I had never posted pictures of Scathatch (Fairyland MNF) and Nim (Fairyland Pukifee) so I decided to do a little meet 'n' greet between the two of them! :) Enjoy!

Hi! I'm Nim.
Hello Nim.
What are you doing in MY house?
... I live here...
Well, don't even THINK about touching my stuff!
*eyeroll* Wouldn't dream of it.

Why are you so big?
I am a full-grown person.
Oh. Why do our hairs match?
I do not know. Perhaps we are related in some way?
Cool! I've always wanted a sister...

Come with me.

We do look quite similar...
Once you get your right eyeballs, then we'll be twinsies!

Such a sweet big sis! (They aren't actually related in my stories, but Nim will make appearances in her story line!)

Can I sit on your lap?

     Thanks for looking! Hopefully I will be able to post more about Nim, she is quite a saucy little girl!

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