Thursday, May 30, 2013

Productive Day?

     Hey! I haven't touched my sewing machine today, (*gasp*!) nor have I knitted, drawn, painted, crafted or designed. Today, I babysat. Some of the less glamorous work that I do, but I still enjoy it! I watched a sweet little girl from 9-3ish... Then her brother came home (3rd grade) and I watched them until about 4. Now, I have volleyball practice and I won't be home until 10! Ho-hum. You'd think with being homeschooled (and being DONE with school for the summer) that I'd have more time, not less! Oh well, I don't mind babysitting, I love getting to know the kids and watch them grow.

     Here are some BJD pictures that I keep because I love them, and they are so inspiring!

     Sorry about the post... I'll do better tomorrow! ;)

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