Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seattle Chocolates

     Hey! Today I had the privilege of going to visit the Seattle Chocolate Factory! I play volleyball with the CEO's daughter, and she offered to give me a tour and offer to allow me to design a dress with their textile. So, my mom and I set off to Seattle this morning and got a tour of the whole factory! They make all sorts of amazing chocolates, truffles and seasonal items as well. The machines they use to produce their chocolates are incredible, we got to see them up close and they work so fast. We also got to see their retail shop in their factory building, it is inspired by fashion! All of their bright packaging is used as artwork in their shop, everything is so bright and colorful, so I took a bunch of pictures, and here they are!

The original Logo:

Right when you walk into the store, you see these great dresses... They were all made/designed by a former Project Runways finalist!

Each dress is made from a cotton fabric printed with the design on the chocolate bars' wrapper!

I love the colors, and pattern!

This dress is so old-time chic... I love it!

This one's a bit to "Couture" for my tastes, the neck-piece isn't removable... But I love that the Space Needle is printed on the front panel!

More wrapper-designs used as artwork... Love the blue!

Their new line... Jcoco, each bar sold gives a serving of fresh food to the needy! :)

A picture of heir offices, the windows and doors are all from an old house built in the early 1900's

When you walk into the building, thee are these adorable little displays waiting to greet you!

     I learned so much while I was there, and I got to see everything...I had such an amazing experience, and I can't thank Jean Thompson enough! Visit the Seattle Chocolate Factory, and make sure to get some of their "seconds"... $5 for a 1 lb. bag of their finest chocolates!

Thanks for looking!

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