Friday, May 3, 2013

Small Narnia update

     Hey! I haven't posted in awhile about my Narnia costume, I'm afraid I haven't gotten much farther! (That's why I can't give myself such huge open-ended deadlines... I just loose interest!) But, I have made some progress, and I'm hoping that sharing it with you will re-inspire me to get my act together... :)

     I did figure out that I would like to use a pattern to make the dress, because I really want it to be something that I will be able to cherish and wear often (as often as I can, anyways). And I feel like it will make everything easier and faster! So, after looking at several blogs and tutorials, I finally settled on this one:

McCalls 4491.

     I will be using a sleeve pattern from a different dress I have on hand, and I will also be adding in an extra panel in the side-front area to mimic the original. (Not really adding another in, just cutting the existing piece into two parts.) I did run into a small hiccup in attempting to secure the pattern, while I was at Joann Fabric's, I decided to look at their pattern to see f they carried it. They do, but it was not filed under its number in the drawers, so I asked when they are expecting to get more in. The lady told me that they do not control the shipments, and are sent different things on shipment days. Ugh. OK, so its not a huge setback, but I really don't like to shop there as is... So online ordering is sounding pretty good right now!

     I've also settled on a fabric option, I decided to go with a wool suiting--I'm going to ROAST on my birthday--to be accurate to the movie design. Here's the fabric:

     Unfortunately, they cannot send out samples; so once I order, that's what I end up with! Hopefully I can get my pattern sometime next week, and work on making a muslin copy for fit. I also need to learn how to do some embroidery, I've never done anything like that before... hat's why I've been working on such detailed doll costumes, to prepare myself for this (large) project! Thanks for looking! Sorry for the lame un-inspired post... I'll do better tomorrow! ;)

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