Saturday, May 25, 2013

The New Scathatch!

    Hey! I know I've introduced you to Scathatch a couple of times, but her last face sculpt was just too young for the character I had in mind for her. So, I posted a wanted ad on Den Of Angels. I got one response, they said that they had a Mirwen head with an Angel Toast faceup, so I jumped on the chance! I also made a few new things for her, to match her personality! I worked out a pattern for her cargo pants, made a couple of tank tops, arm warmers and a couple of sets of nunchukau. I still need to get her a pair of brighter green eyes, but these will do for now. Here are the pictures of Scathatch, The Warrior Maiden.

Without flash, looking mighty fierce!
With flash:
Her gorgeous face! :D

Love her eyes in the one!

Her pants that I made today, complete with pocket for the nunchukau!

And butt pockets, for no apparent reason!

(Ooh... Ugly topstitching though!)

     Thanks for looking, and expect to see MUCH more of her in the (near) future, this is how I pictured Scathatch in my head while reading the books! :) Also, I have a VB tournament all weekend, so if I do not get around to posting much, that's why!

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