Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage Goodness

     Hey! Today, my mom and I went to help a friend sort through things for a garage sale to raise fund for their adoption. While sorting, I was watching my brother (2) and my mom brings in a huge pile of American Girl Bitty Baby items! I got to sit and sort through all of them, cleaning and organizing... Then, I happened upon a ton of Vintage handmade clothing that fit the Bitty Babies. I thought that they might fit the America Girl dolls as well, and since they are all 1930-40's style, I decided to pick them up! Here are a few pictures after light repair/cleaning/steaming...Also, Kit's room is almost finished... For now she's set up in a plain white room, until her attic is ready! :)

OK, I have no idea why this one is sideways... But here is the slip/panties!

The PJ's and slippers

40's-style shirtwaist!

Cute little dress... :)

There are a couple of other dresses that needed more serious attention so those didn't make it into the photo shoot... Thanks for looking!

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