Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beating The HEAT

     Hey! I think I'm about to melt. Its 92 degrees here, and no one has air conditioning! I think I'm going to go see a movie or something... I just. Need. AIR! :) Actually, its mostly my fault... I have a slight* sewing addiction, and I decided to make several new garments for the Minifee girl(s)... And when I sew, I usually use my iron. And my iron heats up my room. A LOT. :(

     But, on a happier note... I decided to take your advice and order an M-line Ante and ask for a tan Celine for my birthday! (8 days!!!) I think I got my order through... I dearly hope so. It would really stink to see some pictures of the and fall in love, only to not be able to order! And even if I don't like her, I'm sure someone else would be more than willing to adopt her... So now I've been sewing like a mad woman trying to make some cute things for her to wear. I'll have to stay away from fitted things though, because Scathatch is not nearly as well endowed as she will be! Although, I've been thinking about switching their busts once she gets here, just to see what she would look like. So far, she has one skirt, two dresses and two tops. I've been trying to make them all Mori style, but I don't really have the right fabrics. Oh well.

*read: major

     Since its starting to get dark here, I think I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning... Before it gets HOT... It was 82 degrees at 10am... Awesome. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minifee... Sewing for Celine

     Hey! I still haven't decided what to do about this whole Minifee situation, but I decided to start sewing for them anyways! (Good idea, right? :P) I'll give you my character ideas for both, and maybe it will help me decide!

     Ante (M-line body, 'glamour' bust ((not the HUGE one)), default faceup, NS): She will be a quiet girl who loves all vintage things and is very into Mori Style. She runs her mom's vintage clothing shop, and is always bringing home new things to try. She is good friends with (tan Celine) and they share similar styles and tastes. She is not very daring or adventurous, but can usually be talked into thing by (tanCeline). She often feels awkward in public situations, but she does have good self esteem. She will share the 'loft' bedroom, or just hang out in there.

Age: 16-19 (Not sure yet...)
Name possibilities: Robyn, Ella ('El'), Opal, Coral, Cora, River ('Ria')

     Celine (A-line body, large bust, default faceup, TS): She will be a spunky but sweet girl who always has her own ideas about everything. She tries to be unique in everything she does, and often changes her look and style. She is a bit indecisive due to her adventurous personality, but she is always willing to take charge of any situation. If you were to ask anyone close to her, they would say that she is fearless, but if you ask her best friend, she can tell you the only fear she has is of being alone. The 'loft' bedroom will mainly be hers, (Ante) will either be her roommate or just a close friendthat hangs out often.

Age: 16-19 (Will be a bit older than 'Ante')
Name possibilities: Camryn ('Cammie'), Celine ('Cel'), Taryn, Skye, Joleen ('Jo'), Livia ('Liv')

      I also made lists for them on etsy, not of things that I will buy for them, just things that are their style. Here's Ante's and here's Celine's ... I really like that etsy now has the add to list option right next to the favorite option... I also made one for Scathatch... :)

     All of that wonderful information aside, the reason for today's post is that I made a dress for Ante or Celine, possibly both! It's a denim dress with pin tucks in the bodice and 'lace' on the hem. (I used an embroidery stitch on my machine to make it) Its a strapless dress, and it can be layered with other things for new looks! All of the accents are white, and it is made with a heavy(er) weight denim than a would've liked, hopefully I can find some chambray to try it again!

     Here are the pictures! Scathatch was NOT happy to model, and she is hoping that I get a couple more girls to keep her company, and model the girly things!

It's pretty short, but I think it would look cute with leggings or a longer skirt underneath.

This shows the color a bit better

Pin Tucks! :P

My homemade lace, just a fancy embroidery stitch that's cut out around the edges

Just Scathatch... Its been awhile since she's gotten any attention
Thanks for looking! If you have any opinions on this Minifee issue, I'd love to hear 'em!

Friday, June 28, 2013


     Hey! I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and yes, it does involve dolls! Since I'm selling my pukifees, I've decided that I want to buy at least one more minifee. The problem is, Fairyland has released so many new options in the past month that I don't know what doll(s) to get... That's where you guys come in! I will be putting one doll on my birthday list, which I most likely won't get, but I will still get a bit of $$$ to put towards her... The other (If I get two) would have to be paid for out of packet... And since the M-line body is going to be 'sold-out' in two days, I have to get on this! Here's what I'm thinking: I for sure want to get a Tan Celine with a large bust. But, I also want to get the new Ante sculpt, preferably on the M-line body. The 'best of both worlds' option would be to get the tan Celine on the m-line body, and try to find an Ante head later, but since both options are limited, and I've never ordered from DDE before, I really want to get them new.

Here are my options:

1) Ask for Tan Celine for my B-day (11 days!)
2) Ask for Tan Celine for my B-day, put M-line Ante on layaway
3) Ask for Ante for B-day (M-line won't be available)
4) WHYDOYOUNEEDMOREDOLLSCRAZYLADY?!? (This is also a valid point... XD)

     Anyways, thank you for your opinions, hopefully I can get this worked out... I really don't want to regret missing out on something just because I couldn't decide!


     Hey! I FINALLY stopped raining here, so I got out and took some pictures of my newest crew member! Introducing: Sarah Moore... Since you already heard her whole story on my other post, I'll just let you enjoy some pictures! She's wearing: The dress that I made for her, pinner apron (by me), and kerchief (also by me!)... These items are loosely based off of her clothing in the books, mostly just my experiments in creating Civil War garments!

     Here are the pictures:

Here is a picture of her with the flash (taken outdoors), this is the most accurate representation of her skin tone/eye color, she really does have BEATUFIL coloring!

In her 'meet' outfit... Until I can make a more accurate copy of her book outfit!

Such a sweet gal!

Close-up shot of the fabric, this is a very accurate color representation! 

Here she is without her kerchief, I have her hair pulled back in two little pigtails!

And the tuck at the hem of her skirt... Very practical!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moving Past the Pukifees

     Hey! When I started this blog, I had stated that Nim was my blogging pal... Well, I guess that's going to have to change, because I've decided to get rid of my pukifees completely, so her and Azrhei are now on ebay with all of their clothing/furniture. If you're interested, here's the link. Do I feel bad? Yes, a bit. But, they've been getting less and less attention lately, and now that Fairyland has released and Ante MNF, I think I might get her.... Well, I was hoping to get her on the new M-line body, but they're going to discontinue those on the 31st. Anyways, this post is a tribute to Nim, and I will be sharing a few pictures of her that have been shared with you already! Here's Nim!

Thanks for looking!

Sarah Moore

     Hey! I'm back from Florida, back to rainy old Washington. It was high 80's and sunny all weekend in FL, and its 66 and raining here. Oh well, now I have more time to work on things that need to be done... Speaking of which, I never introduced the newest edition to my doll family-- I did get one of the dolls on my wish list when I went to AGP Seattle with my cousin, she's a modern doll (originally) but I bought her to become a historical. I got MYAG #58... She has dark skin, brown eyes and VERY curly hair! She looks a bit strange on the American Girl site, but in real life, she is gorgeous! She is going to be Sarah Moore from Addy's books... AKA her 'Best Friend Doll' that never was. Here's a couple of pictures of Sarah from the stories:

Addy meeting Sarah

I've always loved this picture! I just think its so sweet... Even though Addy has an interesting expression going on... 
Anyways, after being away for several days, I was in need of a sewing project and since I got Sarah the day before I left. So, I decided to work on a pattern to make her dress from the pictures-- I started with the Heritage 40s pattern I used to make Molly a dress and went from there! The sleeves have two pleats in them, one at the cuff and one at mid-arm. The skirt has one tuck in it, and the top has a rounded yolk and a drop waist. (The drop waist was an accident... If I do another version ((When I do another version)) I'll cut the bodice shorter. Next, I'd like to make her a coat and cut her a little bandana--and make Addy her brown coat... Oy. The list never ends! I will put pictures up later today, I have to go to a VB kids cap to teach kiddos to play Volleyball. And, it's still raining, and I would really like to get some nice outdoor photos of her.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leaving Today

     Hey! just wanted to let you all know that I'm leaving for Florida today, and I won't have much internet access, so I most likely won't post until Thursday of next week! My cousins are also leaving today :( but Kinley and I had a GREAT time at AGP Seattle, an we each got a doll! Thanks for looking, and sorry abut not being a good blog writer and having posts scheduled... Time just got away from me! ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Addy Gets Her Underwear

     Hey! I couldn't think of a better post title, so there you have it! ;) I talked a bit about my newest 'project' a couple of posts ago, that Thimbles and Acorns pattern to make undergarments for Addy, I finished, and I LOVE how they turned out! I hate to put clothing on over the top of them because they are so beautiful... The pattern walks you through making a chemise, drawers, crinoline, petticoat and corset, all are fully finished and luxuriously cut-- And finely embellished. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few thousand for you! :)

Addy is pleased to finally get some proper underthings, she requests that I make her a dress next, because she is embarrassed to be standing around in her undies!

Full-length shot


Close-up of the corset, it has boning in six places, it laces up in the back and closes with hook-and-eyes in the front!

Her petticoat is trimmed in lace, and a ruffle... Her hoop has three layers of rigid boning.

The best shot that I have of her drawers, they have two pleats in the front, and are trimmed in lace!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Cousins

     Hey! I mentioned yesterday that my cousins were coming in to visit, they arrived, and we have been having a great time! There are three kiddos, Kinley (10), Levi (7) and Brody (5). Kinley and Levi took immediate interest in my sewing, and wanted to make clothing for Kinley's dolls back home. So, we started with a basic gathered skirt with a waistband. Levi lost interest after completing his, but Kinley wanted to learn some more techniques. She is a great little seamstress, and has learned how to gather, press, zig-zag and hem in a couple of days without any previous experience! We made another basic dress with Heritage's Drawstring Dress pattern. She picked the fabrics, did most of the sewing, and even added a little ruffle along the bottom! Its really refreshing to go back to the basics, and I think that I have benefited greatly from all of their questions! She also wanted to make some clothes for Anna, because there aren't any outfits for her... So, we Googled Russian Immigrants, and she came up with a cute little peasant blouse/skirt(s) combination! We just got back from Great Wolf Lodge this afternoon, and Kinley and I get to go to the American Girl Store in Seattle tomorrow!

     Here are some pictures of our creations! :)

     Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I Wore

    Hey! Not too much going on today, I purchased this pattern from Thimbles and Acorns on etsy and I started to work on it, only to run out of white thread! Of course, I do need to get hook and eye tape, cotton cording, lace and boning... But, I wanted to have as much of the sewing done as I could get before buying the notions! :) These undergarments will be for Addy, so far, I finished the Chemise (except for the neckband... I need lace!) and the crinoline (which needs boning and a drawstring). I have the pattern pieces all cut out for the drawers and corset too. So, I should have those finished up sooner or later... Our cousins are coming to visit us from MN, and they are staying until Thursday, at which point, I leave for Florida! So, if I don't post too much for the next week or so, that's why.

    Anyways, that's not what todays post is about, I wanted to show you guys my newest Human-sized things! Since I am wearing a brace on my knee, I can't wear things like jeans or shorts without it being a bit uncomfortable. So, I decided to pull out my old leggings and cutoff shirt! I 'made' my shirt by taking a garage sale find and chopping off the hem and the sleeves. I also made my skirt. It's a simple gathered skirt, attached to a VERY wide elastic band-- I LOVE the fabric, its so soft, and doesn't pill at all! As far as accessories go, I'm wearing a Ace knee brace, and a black camisole. ;) Here is a picture of the skirt/top-- Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sewing for Scathatch

     Hey! Happy Summer Vacation! I've been done with school for awhile, but my brother had his last day today... Yesterday he came into my room and handed me a pair of his PJ pants, and said that he had a 'present' for me... I was a bit skeptical until he told me that his pants had ripped, and I could use them to sew for my 'creepy dolls' (BJD's)... :D I took him up on that, and made Scathatch a set of PJ's... Pants and a shirt to me more specific. I wanted her shirt to be oversized, and I wanted it to slouch over her shoulder so I cut the neckline as I would for a tank top and went from there. The pants were pretty straightforward, just a pair of elastic waist pants... And-- I also took pictures of the Mr. Tumnus Scarf! Enjoy <3

Sweet 'n' sassy!
Her oversized PJ's... The bottoms fir like a glove, and most of the top fits perfectly, except for the neckline! Oh well... I still have a LOT more of that fabric! :) Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Knitting

     Hey! I don't think I've ever posted about my knitting on here before, so I'd like to start out by saying that I am a beginner. The most advanced project that I've worked on so far, is Wovenflame's Pukifee Hoodie Pattern and that is an 'easy' one... But, with my knee being out of commission, I decided to start a small, mindless, project to help pass the time! I have this bright red wool yarn that my grandma un-plyed for me, in hopes of making lace weight yarn. It is a bit thicker, so I can't use it for most of my minifee/pukifee projects. I was originally going to make a scarf for my American Girl dolls, but there wasn't quite enough of it. So, what else to do than make a scarf for the Minifees! I've had Narnia on my brain for the past couple of days, so this has become known as the 'Mr. Tumnus Scarf'.

     I try to put pictures up later tonight... The camera isn't functioning properly!

     I do like to knit, but only if the project works up quickly! I don't see myself ever mastering this art, but it is a good way for me to stretch myself (and my patience!). I think I'm going to start a lace weight scarf for the MNFs as well, I haven't knitted for a couple of months, and its hard to get used to those itty-bitty needles and thread-like yarn! :)

     Thanks for looking! :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Narnia

     Hey! I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I sprained a ligament in my knee at VB practice last Thurs. and it is killing me. I am not supposed to be up and about on it, so I had the chance to work on the details of my Narnia costume. Believe it or not, I'm not a very skilled hand-sewer (I know, my ever-patient personality contradicts that statement :P). I've never needed to know how to do various finishing techniques, such as sewing a blind hem, so I got the chance to do some practicing! I  used a blind hem stitch for the sleeves, and I should've used it for the slashes as well. I think it looks fairly nice, I really should turn it up again, but the length on the sleeves is really nice now! I also bound the eyelets at the neckline by hand, I'm not sure if that's the right term, but-- :) Basically, I just stitched around and around and around until each eyelet was covered in green thread. It took almost an hour for all four eyelets, that was my original plan for the eyelets in the back, but now, probably not. My grandma says that her sewing machine will do them for me, so I think I'll go with that option... Here are the pictures of today's progress, hopefully I will be able to work on the embroidery tomorrow! :)

Sorry about the picture quality, but you can (hopefully) get the jest of my ramblings by these picturess! :) Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 10, 2013

HUGE Narnia update!

     Hey! I worked on my Narnia dress from about 8am 'till 1pm... Or, about five hours! I finished the entire overdress, I just have to add the back lacing, hem the sleeves and do the embroidery! I also made a 'first attempt' for my underdress out of the lining fabric I'm not crazy about, and I love how it came out! I didn't use any sort of a pattern, and it did come out a bit wide at the neckline, so I added some elastic, even though its not exactly how the movie dress is, I love it! It was my first time using a commercial pattern to make something human-sized, and it was way easier than I anticipated. I didn't run into any major issues, and I only had to rip out one seam-- Whoo-hoo! The dress fits me very well, and the wool gabardine is incredible! I love how it moves, and how light it is... Highly recommend that fabric!
     As you may be able to tell, I LOVE how it turned out, so I'll stop blabbering and just show you the picture... Sorry about the mess in the background... I tried to shove all of my brothers' toys out of the way, but they still got in the picture!

     I think I'll keep the underdress as is, but I will try to dye it, or stain it with tea... You can see what I mean about it not being a natural tone here! Thanks for letting me share, I'd love to hear your opinions or tips/tricks for anything! :) Thanks!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Narnia News!

     Hey! Just wanted to let you all know that the fabric came for my Narnia dress! It is fantastic, I LOVE the wool Gabardine, but the fabric I chose for the lining (called 'lining fabric' (($1.99/yd)) didn't have high hopes for this one!) is far to bright to complement the wool. So, my new options are: order some silk to dye, or try to tea stain what I have. I think I will make the underdress from what I have, then try to dye it, and if that doesn't work, at least I will have something to wear underneath my dress! :) I went ahead and got most of my pattern pieces cut out, I still have to cut the lining for the main dress, but I think I can start sewing tomorrow!

Here are some stock pictures of the fabric I ordered:

The wool:
     This is actually a very good color representation, on my screen, it is nearly identical to he shade of the fabric I received, and the picture even show some of the texture!

The 'lining fabric':
     This is a VERY poor representation of color. I thought that this would be a good match as far as shades go, but the lining fabric is a super bright green... Not at all like pictured. :( But, I didn't get my hopes up at the $1.99/yd price, so I anticipated this not being right.

     This is more the color I wanted, but just a bit more green! I would've ordered this satin from them if it would have been up on their sale page! Oh well, now I get to experiment with dyeing synthetics! :P
     Hopefully I will have some more exciting updates soon *cough-tomorrow-cough*! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Patterns and Fabrics

     Hey! Yesterday my mom and I stopped at a yard sale that had a lot of vintage fabrics and patterns, I bought about 150-200 vintage (50's-70's) patterns for $8.00, a roll (12.5 yds) of vintage cotton for $5.00 and a HUGE box of fabrics/notions (over 20 yds of fabric!) for $7.00! Not bad for $20, right? :) Most of the patterns are my size, so I pulled out about 15 to use for myself, the rest I'm working on listing on e-bay. The money from the patterns will go straight into my FL Tan Minifee Celine fund... Currently sitting at $0.00. Hopefully I can sell a bunch of the patterns, and sell those minifee clothes in my etsy shop.

     Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of my haul yesterday... The its back to sorting patterns and icing my knee! :P

These are all of the patterns... Each box is STUFFED, most are uncut and still in the original envelopes.

Some of my fabrics/patterns that I'm keeping! :)
Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Books

     Hey! As you may have already noticed, I did not post yesterday... Sorry about that! I was going to post after my VB practice, but I sprained a ligament in my knee and really wasn't in the mood at 10:30 pm... So, today I thought I'd show you what I was up to yesterday! I found this great tutorial on DenofAngels... And I really wanted to give it a shot! Since I didn't really want to invest any money in this project (I don't really NEED doll books) I didn't get the recommended glue for the page binding, I just used Modge Podge. It has worked great, I don't know how well it will stand up to play, but it would be fine for displaying. I also decided to use fabric to cover the whole front, not just the spine, as this is supposed to be an 'old' book. (I still have to use paints/pastels to 'age' the pages...) I definitely want to make some more though. Even with me not having done anything remotely like this before, and with all f the time it took to dry the glue, I only spent a couple of hours on this project! If I made several at the same time, I could probably cut production time down to less than an hour or so. Anyways, here are the pictures of one completed book! I made it for Scathatch, who is a fairyland Minifee doll (40cm tall) and it is a pretty good fit for her, the pages are 1.5" wide, and 2" tall.

     My grandma is always on the lookout for things to put in my displays, and happened upon this sweet little cabinet at a thrift shop! For now, it is located in the BJD loft, but I might move it to Addy's sewing room. I also plan on making more books to fill it with!

     Nim seems to think that this is her new bed... And Scathatch is wearing her Dojo outfit that I made with some leftover white knit I bought for a project... So many projects!

     Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celtic Scathatch and Peasant Nim: Take 2

     Hey! I spent most of today trying to make a pair of high-waisted swimsuit bottoms for myself... I partially succeeded as far as I can tell, they look OK, but I still have to add the waistband and elastic. I might put pictures up later, but my sewing machine (yes, my new one) decided not to work this afternoon, so I have been taking pictures of Nim and Scathatch. Since Scathatch is still wearing her Celtic Warrior Maid outfit, mostly because It takes FOREVER to put on, I decided to re-shoot the pictures from last nights post. I didn't add any captions, just a bunch of pictures! Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!