Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beating The HEAT

     Hey! I think I'm about to melt. Its 92 degrees here, and no one has air conditioning! I think I'm going to go see a movie or something... I just. Need. AIR! :) Actually, its mostly my fault... I have a slight* sewing addiction, and I decided to make several new garments for the Minifee girl(s)... And when I sew, I usually use my iron. And my iron heats up my room. A LOT. :(

     But, on a happier note... I decided to take your advice and order an M-line Ante and ask for a tan Celine for my birthday! (8 days!!!) I think I got my order through... I dearly hope so. It would really stink to see some pictures of the and fall in love, only to not be able to order! And even if I don't like her, I'm sure someone else would be more than willing to adopt her... So now I've been sewing like a mad woman trying to make some cute things for her to wear. I'll have to stay away from fitted things though, because Scathatch is not nearly as well endowed as she will be! Although, I've been thinking about switching their busts once she gets here, just to see what she would look like. So far, she has one skirt, two dresses and two tops. I've been trying to make them all Mori style, but I don't really have the right fabrics. Oh well.

*read: major

     Since its starting to get dark here, I think I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning... Before it gets HOT... It was 82 degrees at 10am... Awesome. Thanks for looking!

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