Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celtic Scathatch

     Hey! Double posting today... I jus wanted to share some (awful!) pictures that I took of Scathatch and Nim last night. I dressed Scathatch in her Celtic Warrior Maiden outfit, ad Nim insisted on wearing something to 'match'... So, presenting peasant Nim and Scathatch the Shadow!

     Again, sorry about the AWFUL picture quality, they were taken in my room... After sundown... :P

What's with the fancy getup, lady?
I am a warrior, peasant child.
Where are your parents?
I don't got any.
What about brothers, or sisters?
How have you survived all of this time with no one to care for you?
I dunno. I'm tired. Can I sleep by you? *Yawn* OK. Goodnight.
*sigh* So trusting.

It is good to be needed again.
Thanks for looking!

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