Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Golly Ol' Molly!

     Hey! Yesterday, my mom joined this site on facebook called besties. Its basically a huge online garage sale, where people in your local area post pictures/prices of things they would like to sell. While browsing, she happened upon a gorgeous Mattel Molly doll, with most of her meet accessories! And since she was on my MCM list (we aren't going anymore) I snatched her up... Best news is, she was $75! That may seem like a lot to pay for a used doll, but she was perfect! Aside from her original factory braids being mussed a little bit, she is like new! As soon as we got home, I put her in the newest dress I made for Kit, (the pattern is for the 40's anyways) and she is so cute! So, last night, I went out a did a little shoot with her... And Mia couldn't resist sneaking in on the shoot... Here is my Molly!

She is such a sweet doll! I love her braids and glasses


Her glasses are so cute!

She looks really great in blue.

Profile shot

Mia in a new top I made yesterday... Working on a pattern for the Doll Wardrobe FDC I entered last year, and Mia was my model, she is excited to get some new clothes!

Full-outfit shot... Shorts are liberty Jane... Shoe by me!

Toms <3

Such a sweet little group! Welcome home Molly!
Thanks for looking!

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