Friday, June 28, 2013


     Hey! I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and yes, it does involve dolls! Since I'm selling my pukifees, I've decided that I want to buy at least one more minifee. The problem is, Fairyland has released so many new options in the past month that I don't know what doll(s) to get... That's where you guys come in! I will be putting one doll on my birthday list, which I most likely won't get, but I will still get a bit of $$$ to put towards her... The other (If I get two) would have to be paid for out of packet... And since the M-line body is going to be 'sold-out' in two days, I have to get on this! Here's what I'm thinking: I for sure want to get a Tan Celine with a large bust. But, I also want to get the new Ante sculpt, preferably on the M-line body. The 'best of both worlds' option would be to get the tan Celine on the m-line body, and try to find an Ante head later, but since both options are limited, and I've never ordered from DDE before, I really want to get them new.

Here are my options:

1) Ask for Tan Celine for my B-day (11 days!)
2) Ask for Tan Celine for my B-day, put M-line Ante on layaway
3) Ask for Ante for B-day (M-line won't be available)
4) WHYDOYOUNEEDMOREDOLLSCRAZYLADY?!? (This is also a valid point... XD)

     Anyways, thank you for your opinions, hopefully I can get this worked out... I really don't want to regret missing out on something just because I couldn't decide!

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