Monday, June 10, 2013

HUGE Narnia update!

     Hey! I worked on my Narnia dress from about 8am 'till 1pm... Or, about five hours! I finished the entire overdress, I just have to add the back lacing, hem the sleeves and do the embroidery! I also made a 'first attempt' for my underdress out of the lining fabric I'm not crazy about, and I love how it came out! I didn't use any sort of a pattern, and it did come out a bit wide at the neckline, so I added some elastic, even though its not exactly how the movie dress is, I love it! It was my first time using a commercial pattern to make something human-sized, and it was way easier than I anticipated. I didn't run into any major issues, and I only had to rip out one seam-- Whoo-hoo! The dress fits me very well, and the wool gabardine is incredible! I love how it moves, and how light it is... Highly recommend that fabric!
     As you may be able to tell, I LOVE how it turned out, so I'll stop blabbering and just show you the picture... Sorry about the mess in the background... I tried to shove all of my brothers' toys out of the way, but they still got in the picture!

     I think I'll keep the underdress as is, but I will try to dye it, or stain it with tea... You can see what I mean about it not being a natural tone here! Thanks for letting me share, I'd love to hear your opinions or tips/tricks for anything! :) Thanks!

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