Friday, June 28, 2013


     Hey! I FINALLY stopped raining here, so I got out and took some pictures of my newest crew member! Introducing: Sarah Moore... Since you already heard her whole story on my other post, I'll just let you enjoy some pictures! She's wearing: The dress that I made for her, pinner apron (by me), and kerchief (also by me!)... These items are loosely based off of her clothing in the books, mostly just my experiments in creating Civil War garments!

     Here are the pictures:

Here is a picture of her with the flash (taken outdoors), this is the most accurate representation of her skin tone/eye color, she really does have BEATUFIL coloring!

In her 'meet' outfit... Until I can make a more accurate copy of her book outfit!

Such a sweet gal!

Close-up shot of the fabric, this is a very accurate color representation! 

Here she is without her kerchief, I have her hair pulled back in two little pigtails!

And the tuck at the hem of her skirt... Very practical!
Thanks for looking!

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