Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kit Goes for the Big Three!

       Hey! Its getting a bit embarrassing, but I would like to post about Kit today... For the third time in a row... She is my favorite American Girl doll (by far) and I love her stories, and her time period is really easy to sew for. 1930's clothes aren't overly-embellished, and most designs are very simple. Plus, its easy to find vintage or reproduction 30's fabric prints. So, today I sewed up another blouse for her, and a couple of skirts. My Kit isn't set as a 9-10 yr. old... She is more toward the 11-12 year range. So, I decided to make her some more 'grown-up' clothes, like skirts and blouses for mix-and-matching! I based her blouse off of this illustration from one of her short stories (Kit and Millie Ride Again) :

The blouse has functional buttons/buttonholes, and it is made of a lightweight creamy cotton.

     And, since I only own two skirts for her, (meet skirt, and tree house outfit skirt) I made patterns off of those two and used up some cute reproduction 30's prints I had in my stash! Even though I love to sew for her, I think I might have to start selling some of the things I make, or get a Ruthie doll, because she has an awful lot of clothes for a poor depression-era girl! ;) Here are some pictures of her in her new things, I mix-and-matched them so you can see how versatile they are!

Her new pleated skirt was made as a copy of her original, just using different fabrics. I also relaxed the pleats, so it was less stiff looking.

Her trusty cover-all's are a HUGE staple in her wardrobe... I don't think she wears anything else during the summer!

This one came out a bit too small, but I think it still looks nice with her purple cardigan.
Thanks for looking! Hopefully I will post about someone other than Kit tomorrow, or I might have to change my blog name to Uniquely Kit! ;)

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