Friday, June 7, 2013

Making Books

     Hey! As you may have already noticed, I did not post yesterday... Sorry about that! I was going to post after my VB practice, but I sprained a ligament in my knee and really wasn't in the mood at 10:30 pm... So, today I thought I'd show you what I was up to yesterday! I found this great tutorial on DenofAngels... And I really wanted to give it a shot! Since I didn't really want to invest any money in this project (I don't really NEED doll books) I didn't get the recommended glue for the page binding, I just used Modge Podge. It has worked great, I don't know how well it will stand up to play, but it would be fine for displaying. I also decided to use fabric to cover the whole front, not just the spine, as this is supposed to be an 'old' book. (I still have to use paints/pastels to 'age' the pages...) I definitely want to make some more though. Even with me not having done anything remotely like this before, and with all f the time it took to dry the glue, I only spent a couple of hours on this project! If I made several at the same time, I could probably cut production time down to less than an hour or so. Anyways, here are the pictures of one completed book! I made it for Scathatch, who is a fairyland Minifee doll (40cm tall) and it is a pretty good fit for her, the pages are 1.5" wide, and 2" tall.

     My grandma is always on the lookout for things to put in my displays, and happened upon this sweet little cabinet at a thrift shop! For now, it is located in the BJD loft, but I might move it to Addy's sewing room. I also plan on making more books to fill it with!

     Nim seems to think that this is her new bed... And Scathatch is wearing her Dojo outfit that I made with some leftover white knit I bought for a project... So many projects!

     Thanks for looking!

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