Saturday, June 29, 2013

Minifee... Sewing for Celine

     Hey! I still haven't decided what to do about this whole Minifee situation, but I decided to start sewing for them anyways! (Good idea, right? :P) I'll give you my character ideas for both, and maybe it will help me decide!

     Ante (M-line body, 'glamour' bust ((not the HUGE one)), default faceup, NS): She will be a quiet girl who loves all vintage things and is very into Mori Style. She runs her mom's vintage clothing shop, and is always bringing home new things to try. She is good friends with (tan Celine) and they share similar styles and tastes. She is not very daring or adventurous, but can usually be talked into thing by (tanCeline). She often feels awkward in public situations, but she does have good self esteem. She will share the 'loft' bedroom, or just hang out in there.

Age: 16-19 (Not sure yet...)
Name possibilities: Robyn, Ella ('El'), Opal, Coral, Cora, River ('Ria')

     Celine (A-line body, large bust, default faceup, TS): She will be a spunky but sweet girl who always has her own ideas about everything. She tries to be unique in everything she does, and often changes her look and style. She is a bit indecisive due to her adventurous personality, but she is always willing to take charge of any situation. If you were to ask anyone close to her, they would say that she is fearless, but if you ask her best friend, she can tell you the only fear she has is of being alone. The 'loft' bedroom will mainly be hers, (Ante) will either be her roommate or just a close friendthat hangs out often.

Age: 16-19 (Will be a bit older than 'Ante')
Name possibilities: Camryn ('Cammie'), Celine ('Cel'), Taryn, Skye, Joleen ('Jo'), Livia ('Liv')

      I also made lists for them on etsy, not of things that I will buy for them, just things that are their style. Here's Ante's and here's Celine's ... I really like that etsy now has the add to list option right next to the favorite option... I also made one for Scathatch... :)

     All of that wonderful information aside, the reason for today's post is that I made a dress for Ante or Celine, possibly both! It's a denim dress with pin tucks in the bodice and 'lace' on the hem. (I used an embroidery stitch on my machine to make it) Its a strapless dress, and it can be layered with other things for new looks! All of the accents are white, and it is made with a heavy(er) weight denim than a would've liked, hopefully I can find some chambray to try it again!

     Here are the pictures! Scathatch was NOT happy to model, and she is hoping that I get a couple more girls to keep her company, and model the girly things!

It's pretty short, but I think it would look cute with leggings or a longer skirt underneath.

This shows the color a bit better

Pin Tucks! :P

My homemade lace, just a fancy embroidery stitch that's cut out around the edges

Just Scathatch... Its been awhile since she's gotten any attention
Thanks for looking! If you have any opinions on this Minifee issue, I'd love to hear 'em!

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