Sunday, June 9, 2013

Narnia News!

     Hey! Just wanted to let you all know that the fabric came for my Narnia dress! It is fantastic, I LOVE the wool Gabardine, but the fabric I chose for the lining (called 'lining fabric' (($1.99/yd)) didn't have high hopes for this one!) is far to bright to complement the wool. So, my new options are: order some silk to dye, or try to tea stain what I have. I think I will make the underdress from what I have, then try to dye it, and if that doesn't work, at least I will have something to wear underneath my dress! :) I went ahead and got most of my pattern pieces cut out, I still have to cut the lining for the main dress, but I think I can start sewing tomorrow!

Here are some stock pictures of the fabric I ordered:

The wool:
     This is actually a very good color representation, on my screen, it is nearly identical to he shade of the fabric I received, and the picture even show some of the texture!

The 'lining fabric':
     This is a VERY poor representation of color. I thought that this would be a good match as far as shades go, but the lining fabric is a super bright green... Not at all like pictured. :( But, I didn't get my hopes up at the $1.99/yd price, so I anticipated this not being right.

     This is more the color I wanted, but just a bit more green! I would've ordered this satin from them if it would have been up on their sale page! Oh well, now I get to experiment with dyeing synthetics! :P
     Hopefully I will have some more exciting updates soon *cough-tomorrow-cough*! Thanks for looking!

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