Saturday, June 8, 2013

Patterns and Fabrics

     Hey! Yesterday my mom and I stopped at a yard sale that had a lot of vintage fabrics and patterns, I bought about 150-200 vintage (50's-70's) patterns for $8.00, a roll (12.5 yds) of vintage cotton for $5.00 and a HUGE box of fabrics/notions (over 20 yds of fabric!) for $7.00! Not bad for $20, right? :) Most of the patterns are my size, so I pulled out about 15 to use for myself, the rest I'm working on listing on e-bay. The money from the patterns will go straight into my FL Tan Minifee Celine fund... Currently sitting at $0.00. Hopefully I can sell a bunch of the patterns, and sell those minifee clothes in my etsy shop.

     Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of my haul yesterday... The its back to sorting patterns and icing my knee! :P

These are all of the patterns... Each box is STUFFED, most are uncut and still in the original envelopes.

Some of my fabrics/patterns that I'm keeping! :)
Thanks for looking!

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