Monday, June 3, 2013

Rebecca, at Last!

     Hey! I've been meaning to sew for this poor neglected girl for awhile... I have not sewn her ANYTHING since her arrival, and her and Kit came to me at the same time! Since there are't very many (cheap) pattern available for her, I decided to make her a dress from Heritige's Samatha's Ice Cream Dress. I left off the pleated part on the yolk, and used this sweet vintage fabric that my grandma gave me. It is pretty sheer, so I still have to make her a chemise/pettiskirt. Rebecca is pretty pleased with her new look, even though it's a bit out of style.

     I hope to purchase a couple of patterns from her time period and make her some clothing, because I already own everything that I like of hers from American Girl. I have her PJ's, School Outfit and Hanukkah dress... I may get her Lacy White dress, and possibly her Coney Island fair dress, but I think I could make something similar. I also have to get a School outfit for Anna, but her other things I will just make.

     Here are some pictures! Rebecca is wearing: Dress (By me), shoes from Hanukkah dress, tights from School outfit and Ribbon from PJ's.


Thanks for looking!

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