Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sarah Moore

     Hey! I'm back from Florida, back to rainy old Washington. It was high 80's and sunny all weekend in FL, and its 66 and raining here. Oh well, now I have more time to work on things that need to be done... Speaking of which, I never introduced the newest edition to my doll family-- I did get one of the dolls on my wish list when I went to AGP Seattle with my cousin, she's a modern doll (originally) but I bought her to become a historical. I got MYAG #58... She has dark skin, brown eyes and VERY curly hair! She looks a bit strange on the American Girl site, but in real life, she is gorgeous! She is going to be Sarah Moore from Addy's books... AKA her 'Best Friend Doll' that never was. Here's a couple of pictures of Sarah from the stories:

Addy meeting Sarah

I've always loved this picture! I just think its so sweet... Even though Addy has an interesting expression going on... 
Anyways, after being away for several days, I was in need of a sewing project and since I got Sarah the day before I left. So, I decided to work on a pattern to make her dress from the pictures-- I started with the Heritage 40s pattern I used to make Molly a dress and went from there! The sleeves have two pleats in them, one at the cuff and one at mid-arm. The skirt has one tuck in it, and the top has a rounded yolk and a drop waist. (The drop waist was an accident... If I do another version ((When I do another version)) I'll cut the bodice shorter. Next, I'd like to make her a coat and cut her a little bandana--and make Addy her brown coat... Oy. The list never ends! I will put pictures up later today, I have to go to a VB kids cap to teach kiddos to play Volleyball. And, it's still raining, and I would really like to get some nice outdoor photos of her.
Thanks for looking!

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