Friday, June 14, 2013

Sewing for Scathatch

     Hey! Happy Summer Vacation! I've been done with school for awhile, but my brother had his last day today... Yesterday he came into my room and handed me a pair of his PJ pants, and said that he had a 'present' for me... I was a bit skeptical until he told me that his pants had ripped, and I could use them to sew for my 'creepy dolls' (BJD's)... :D I took him up on that, and made Scathatch a set of PJ's... Pants and a shirt to me more specific. I wanted her shirt to be oversized, and I wanted it to slouch over her shoulder so I cut the neckline as I would for a tank top and went from there. The pants were pretty straightforward, just a pair of elastic waist pants... And-- I also took pictures of the Mr. Tumnus Scarf! Enjoy <3

Sweet 'n' sassy!
Her oversized PJ's... The bottoms fir like a glove, and most of the top fits perfectly, except for the neckline! Oh well... I still have a LOT more of that fabric! :) Thanks for looking!

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