Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Cousins

     Hey! I mentioned yesterday that my cousins were coming in to visit, they arrived, and we have been having a great time! There are three kiddos, Kinley (10), Levi (7) and Brody (5). Kinley and Levi took immediate interest in my sewing, and wanted to make clothing for Kinley's dolls back home. So, we started with a basic gathered skirt with a waistband. Levi lost interest after completing his, but Kinley wanted to learn some more techniques. She is a great little seamstress, and has learned how to gather, press, zig-zag and hem in a couple of days without any previous experience! We made another basic dress with Heritage's Drawstring Dress pattern. She picked the fabrics, did most of the sewing, and even added a little ruffle along the bottom! Its really refreshing to go back to the basics, and I think that I have benefited greatly from all of their questions! She also wanted to make some clothes for Anna, because there aren't any outfits for her... So, we Googled Russian Immigrants, and she came up with a cute little peasant blouse/skirt(s) combination! We just got back from Great Wolf Lodge this afternoon, and Kinley and I get to go to the American Girl Store in Seattle tomorrow!

     Here are some pictures of our creations! :)

     Thanks for looking!

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