Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I Wore

    Hey! Not too much going on today, I purchased this pattern from Thimbles and Acorns on etsy and I started to work on it, only to run out of white thread! Of course, I do need to get hook and eye tape, cotton cording, lace and boning... But, I wanted to have as much of the sewing done as I could get before buying the notions! :) These undergarments will be for Addy, so far, I finished the Chemise (except for the neckband... I need lace!) and the crinoline (which needs boning and a drawstring). I have the pattern pieces all cut out for the drawers and corset too. So, I should have those finished up sooner or later... Our cousins are coming to visit us from MN, and they are staying until Thursday, at which point, I leave for Florida! So, if I don't post too much for the next week or so, that's why.

    Anyways, that's not what todays post is about, I wanted to show you guys my newest Human-sized things! Since I am wearing a brace on my knee, I can't wear things like jeans or shorts without it being a bit uncomfortable. So, I decided to pull out my old leggings and cutoff shirt! I 'made' my shirt by taking a garage sale find and chopping off the hem and the sleeves. I also made my skirt. It's a simple gathered skirt, attached to a VERY wide elastic band-- I LOVE the fabric, its so soft, and doesn't pill at all! As far as accessories go, I'm wearing a Ace knee brace, and a black camisole. ;) Here is a picture of the skirt/top-- Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!

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