Wednesday, July 31, 2013


     Hey TRIPLE posting for today! I don't know if you've hear about this book series, but I just heard about it, and I'm hooked. The first book is called Divergent, and they are written by Veronica Roth. So, if you haven't read them yet, please do so, they are fantastic! After finishing the first book, I immediately began to dream of a new project, one that would be both time-consuming, and expensive! (Those seem to be my favorites..) I decided to learn how to sculpt BJD's! The main character in the book(s) is named Beatrice, but changes her name to Tris. She is small and weak, but makes up for it in bravery (stupidity) and spunk! I've watched numerous youtube clips, and I've read every tutorial you could think of! Every source has said to start with a blueprint, so I did. I got a piece of poster board from our trusty Dollar Tree, and I made a grid, and sketched a two-way view of Tris. I proportioned her to my Minifee, because when I finish her, that's who she'll be interacting with. She is going to have 'muscles' in her abdomen, strong legs, and be about two inches shorter than a Minifee, but mostly size-compatible for clothing. I also hope to be able to sell the dolls, once they're cast, and make a few Limited Full-sets. My goal is to have her finished by the time the movie comes out, mid-March, but I'm not sure if that is a viable goal either. Anyways, here is my blueprint!

OK. This is embarrassing. My pictures won't load, just imagine a BJD blueprint here...

Erp. Don't look at it to closely, especially the head.

I've actually already had a few failures, first off, I was to impatient to wait for my Michaels store to stock paperclay, so I just got model Magic. Mistake. It cracks like crazy! So, they should have some more by this weekend, then I can get sculpting again!

Thanks for looking!

Small update

     Hey! Double posting today... But I just wanted to let you know that I added a new item to my 'for sale' page... This time, its  pair of distressed denim shorts for American Girl dolls! Check out the page- its right up there^ You can leave a comment on the page if you would like to buy, or send me an e-mail! :) Thanks!

Modern Anna

     Hey! My poor American girl Dolls haven't gotten any attention lately, so I decided to tackle a custom order and make something fun! I don't have any modern girls in my collection, but it is still fun to sew things for modern girls now and again. Anna (AKA: Marie-Grace) is a customized doll, she is my 'time-traveler'... She mainly stays in the 1910's, but she is my first choice for a modern girl, her long hair and sweet expression are perfect for photo shoots! This is a mock-up of an outfit commissioned on Agplaythings, they had seen an outfit I did for a giveaway a while back-- And wanted a replica! I used the pattern I modified for the cutoff button-up, and I made the high-low skirt with contrasting textured waistband. Here's Anna modeling, enjoy!

Thanks for looking! :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More BJD issues

     Hey.. I know... I know! I've asked this way too much, but, here I am again with more troubles. So, I found someone who is willing to part with their MNF Chloe in NS-- I have recently come up with a neat concept for this particular character to replace (tan Celine) in Robyn's story. This character will be named Camryn, her parents are archeologists and they travel all over the world (mostly Europe) and spend a lot of time in the desert. She is daring and adventurous, but style-challenged. Being homeschooled, she doesn't have to worry too much about her appearance, so she finds herself wearing a lot of tees/cargo-pants. After moving around her whole life, she finally finds herself in the USA going to a local arts school where she meets Robyn. (I'm debating on making them roommates, or they might just be friends, the loft room is Robyn's, so maybe Camryn can just visit?) She will have black (very thick) hair and light eyes, (Grey?) LOTS of freckles and either tan or Natural skin. Anyways, as you can see, I've developed this character a bit more than Celine-- And I've become rather attached to the idea of having her, so I will make her in doll form! But, I would like to ask a couple of things.

1. Should I get her in NS or TS?

Pros to TS: It seems like she would be tan, if she lived in the desert her whole life-- So accuracy... I would be able to sell her for at least what I paid if I changed my mind.
Cons to TS: Its limited, so I would have to decide right away. The parts aren't interchangeable between NS/TS so she couldn't share any body parts. No mods. I don't know if I'd like to mod her yet, but if I do decide to, I wouldn't be able to. It would take FOREVER to get her. DDE is swamped with orders right now, plus TS takes extra time to make so I would have to wait about three months (if not more.) and that is very depressing.
Pros to NS: I would be able to freckle her a TON an every single one would show up. I would be able to get her much sooner. I love the idea of the dark hair/light eyes/light skin contrast.
Cons to NS: She wouldn't be tan. :(

2. Should I give her a faceup myself, or try for a slot with Xhanthi over at Jointed love?

3. Should I wait to get her, or try to scrape up the cash now?

     I think I can get the $$ together by the time I need to purchase the secondhand girl, or I can save up (for sure) by the end of the TS ordering period. I have a few things to sell, and a few custom orders coming through. The second hand doll is $450, for the full doll with faceup and regular/heel feet. I have that much in savings, but I'd really like to keep that around for emergencies. Anyeays, I'm obviously at a crossroad, and I would like a few opinions! Thank you so much for your help, and for reading my crazy everything!

     Here's a picture of a GORGEOUS doll (not my picture) that spurred this whole idea. Ideally, I'd like her to look just like this-- But she would be SO pretty in TS too! :(

Ohhhhhh So pretty! I just LOVE her so much!!!
Here's a link to her clothing 'wish list' on etsy, the good news is that she can share a lot of clothing with Scathatch so I won't have to buy as much. :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Catching Up

     Hey! Long time no post... Sorry about that! :) I got a bit distracted with... Well... Life? I feel like the turbo switch has been switched on in my life this week... Everything is a blur!

     I recently accepted an apprenticeship with Lastwear designs based in Seattle, so I went down to meet Lyssa on Wednesday and started on Friday! I sewed buttons, tagged clothes at got to watch them draft patterns and sew mock-ups. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and can't wait to learn more! (Plus design a Steampunk costume for Steam-Con this year!)

     On Saturday, I washed cars all day for my VB fundraiser for school, and on Sunday I was modeling for a workshop in Seattle. It was run by Joe Matke, the guy who did the post-production hair styling for the Hunger Games, and I was a hair model. It was unpaid (of course!) but I really need the experience... So, that's where my weekend went, I did manage to sew a few small things today, I made some throw pillows for the bed in the loft! It felt so good to sit down at my sewing machine today, even though I did a bunch of really basic things, it was very satisfying. Here are the pictures!

I made six little throws for the bed, each one is a different size, and they are all done in different fabrics!

Vertical shot, I plan to make more, hopefully some larger ones to put along the wall, I also want to make a bunch of throws, and a rug.

Well, I guess not. Blogger won't upload them?! Humph. I guess I'll try later. Grrr....  Fixed it! :)

Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Things for the Loft

     Hey! The BJD loft is coming along nicely, I finally got around to making some decorations, I made some bunting for the walls, and I think it goes nicely with the overall 'feel' of the room. I also picked up Rebecca's Bed on Craig's List. That has been on my want-to-buy-someday list for awhile, but the $125.00 (not including shipping/tax) price tag has held me back. I love the bed, but I'm not too sure about the sizing, it feels a but big for my MNF girl, but there aren't any other options for this size, and I wouldn't be able to make what I'm looking for. So, I think I'll just suck it up, and if it *really* bothers me later, I can sell it! I think I got a pretty good deal, I paid $80.00 for it. Anyways, here are the pictures!

A full-view of the room! All of those clothes behind the cabinet are ones I've made recently, I just don't have places to store things! XD

Tris is looking moody, but she is happy to finally have a place to sit and brood.

     Thanks for looking! :)


     Hey! I've bee doing a good bit of sewing lately, not with any character in mind, just some things for fun! :) I had the urge to use my eyelet punch yesterday, so I *had* to make an under-bust so I could put eyelets in something...Then, I decided that there was nothing to pair with it, so I used up some really neat quilters cotton I found at Joann's (It has sheet music printed on it!) and made a Victorian-style blouse. After that, I needed to make a skirt, so the outfit could be complete, but once I finished that, it needed something so I made a bustle as well. Phew! Now, I really want to make an aviator cap (or goggles), and some spats! I don't know where any of my girl(s) will ever wear this, but, now if a circumstance presents itself, they are prepped. :)

Here's Tris modeling:

The full ensemble... So far!

I thought this was the sweetest print, but I didn't really know what to use it for...

Gotta love the vintage trim! (Don't look to closely, I pleated it in a hurry... :/ )

The back, no, nothing has closures yet... The tank has a racer back design feature, it's tied with a matching ribbon.

     Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 22, 2013


     Hey! I've been reading the Divergent series, well I finished the first two books, now I'm waiting for the third... Anyways, I've figured out what to name Scathatch's alter ego! Introducing Tris, she's the main character in the book series, but I don't want to give too much away... So, I'll just show you pictures instead. :) This is my take on the style of clothing she might wear, her actual clothes will be black/grey (maybe) but for now, I'm just trying to use up what I have on hand! I made another piece that didn't make it into the photo shoot, but she has a hood with a neckpiece, it covers her whole head, and looks sort of like an infinity scarf around her neck. Without further delay, here are the pictures!

The first combination, cream leggings, brown ribbed-knit tee w/crooked hem, 'leather' shoulder harness, leg holster and brown boots

I'm loving the hair/eye combo... This doesn't really look anything like the book descriptions of Tris, I just thought her character was fitting! :)

Close-up of holster, no gun though.

Erp. o.o her eyes are crooked!

Second combo: Half tank, crooked skirt ( I like to think of it as if they used to be a dress, but it got ripped, so she made on half into a skirt ((flipped it upside down/rotated it)) and left the top as a top!), Leggings, boots, and harness/holster.

This combo is one of my favorites, I actually like this with the skirt the best! :)
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


     Hey! I've started running, mostly to stay in shape, but I'm also getting ready for Volleyball season to start-- After almost 2 months off! So, I've started taking a jog in the AM--Before its hot-- for just a half a mile, and I feel great! Its so nice to come in from a run and still have the rest of the day to do whatever, for Volleyball, its like my whole day leads up to practice, running just becomes a a part of my day. (Not that I don't love volleyball, because I really do, its just interesting to see how different workouts work in different ways!) Also, after I run, I take a bit of time to stretch which helps me a lot. I think I'm still growing, I'll wake up with SUPER sore muscles, and really tight quads/hamstrings.. Hmmm... I've also noticed a mood swing for me, I feel a lot calm-er not necessarily happier, just more on top of things.

   Unfortunately, not much has been going on in doll-world. I'm waiting for Fairyland to release their Juri event head pictures, so I can decided if I want to get a body for her, and I'm still debating on weather or not I want to order a tan skinned doll. I've been doing bits of sewing, but I seem so distracted an uninspired lately... And you can really tell with the outcomes of my projects. (Bad!) I might be better off finding a pattern to sew from for minifies, because everything I've been working on is just a disaster! *End of rant* I do have a project I've been working on, and I even have a post written up for it, but I don't want to say too much... I need to get some paperclay first. I should have the post up later today, if not, then tomorrow...

     Happy running! ;) Thanks for looking!

Oh, PS, I saw this picture online:

(Not mine!((Obviously)))

And I think I'm in love! She is so gorgeous! She is making me re-think ordering a tan girl, and just getting a NS Chloe, or maybe doing a tan girl with LOTS of freckles! So many ideas!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Working Out the Kinks

     Hey! I've been busy sewing this week, I've been creating patterns to create PDF's out of... So far, I've made a pattern for jean shorts, and a button-up sleeveless top. Next, I have to do a step-by-step picture guide, and write the instructions. Phew! Both items are made to fit the minifee girls, and will fit (most) bust sizes. Anyways, Here are my newest creations!

Full-length shot, I haven't added buttons/snaps to the shirt yet, but you get the idea! :) Also, I forgot to take a picture of the back, it has a box pleat at the collar, I'm thinking of making a version with a yoke, for more of a western vibe.

Close-up of the shirt... And teensy pocket!

This is Scathatch's alter-ego. She's more than happy to model girly things for me! I bought a new wig for Robyn (Trying a name or Ante), and I wondered what she'd look like with long hair, and viola! I LOVE this new look for her!

     I also have a pattern for 'basics' in the works, things like tanks, tees, leggings... All that good stuff! I would like to have these ready by next month, but I'm not sure if that is do-able. Anyways, just thought I'd share! Thanks for looking!

New Idea

     Hey! Since I really enjoyed making my Narnia costume, I've decided to undertake a similar project. But, this time, I'm designing it myself! I've made a very rough sketch of my design, it has Narnian styling, and it is more of a 'battle' look. I figured it would be something that Jill Pole from the Silver Chair could wear, I'm not sure where, but she might! Next step: make a nicer sketch, in color, and start looking for fabrics! :) Am I crazy, or what?

Here's my sketch, you can use it-- But please remember to mention me! ;)

PS... This was yesterdays post...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ante Wishes!

     Hey! As you all know, I recently ordered a Minifee Ante from DDE they say that wait time varies from 8-12 weeks... Oh great. I ordered 2 weeks ago. Only 8-10 weeks to go. Yay. Meanwhile, people who ordered earlier are already getting their gals, I found a picture on DenofAngels of an Ante girl on the M-line body-- Oh my goodness she is GORGEOUS! Now I want my girl to get here... NOW! Oh well, I guess I can be patient... Maybe... Anyways, my camera is out for the count-- So I can't take pictures of what I've been up to... So I'll save that post for another day, and whine a bit more! ;)

Here's a picture of the new MNF Ante!

*NOT my picture!*

I even made it extra big, so you all can appreciate her beauty! :) I just LOVE her face, and she's perfect for the character I had in mind for her! Now just to decide on a name.... I think Robyn would be sweet, but I also like Cora, Ella and June. I also got a wig for her! (And another one in the mail...) Its a Leeke wig, and its mostly brown with some pink in it... It has bangs-- I'd show you, but-- I think I'm having to much fun preparing for her to arrive! Sewing, shopping and blog/story writing?!
Anyways, sorry about that... I'm just really excited/impatient... Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New page!

     Hey! I've decided to sell some of my clothing creations for minifee girls. All items will be 100% OOAK... Fitted items will be modeled on my cutie bust girl, until I can save for a large bust! I will try to list a few new things a week, depending on how well this goes. I also am going to be taking custom orders, so if you have something in mind... Let me know!

     So, please check out my new page! It's right up there ^^ On the toolbar, and it says: 'Order Minifee Clothes' on it... Hopefully we can work something out!

     Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

MORE Sewing!

    Hey! Things have been a bit slow around here, well not really, but slow in dolly-land! We've been really busy, including planning for a trip-- We leave on Monday, for MN! (Ugh... We're driving...) But, I will have plenty to do, and hopefully I can plan out some posts, even though I will have internet access. Today, I'm getting my headshots done at My talent agency, Tiffany Talent I've only been to a couple of auditions this year, and only booked one real job... For an extra in an insurance commercial! I also tried out for a movie, a student film, and got the lead role but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflict. Drew got his cast off a couple of days ago, if you didn't already know (not sure if I shared this..) He fractured his elbow on fathers day. He had to have surgery, and two pins inserted. Ick! But, everything looks perfect now-- And he can go back to being the mischievous two year old!

     I've been sewing like a crazy person for Ante (I really need to decide on a name, or else she'll forever be 'Ante') but I've only taken pictures of one outfit. So, that's what I'm going to show you today! :) Also, Scathatch has switched over to the blue eyes, and I think she looks stunning! I've purchased a brown banged wig with a bit of pink in it too, so she might be playing dress-up for awhile! :)

Here are the pics!

The full outfit, I made basic cream leggings, for lots of mix-and-matching, a cream puff-sleeved tee, a cute head wrap, and some great high-waisted floral shorts!

I think she looks so sassy with these eyes in!

There are matching pleats in the back of the shorts as well... I love how they turned out!
Sorry about the ramble-y post... Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

THE Narnia Dress.

     Hey! You'll be glad to hear that I did finish my dress in time to wear it to my birthday party last Sunday, even if I was still working on it Saturday evening! I tried to do some hand-embroidery, like the movie dress, but it ended up looking awful... So I tore it out. Then, I had the idea to paint on the embroidery. The only problem is, once you start, there's no going back! A smart person would've tested the paint on a piece of scrap before painting all over their $100-custom-made-one-of-a-kind dress, but, it was me, so I just jumped right in! :) I found a design online, and just eyed it as I went along. It came out pretty symmetrical, there aren't any spots that really bother me-- And I LOVE the overall effect! I also added in the eyelets up the back of the dress, and got some suede-cord to the front slit and for lacing in the back. So, that wraps up my Narnia Dress Chronicle-- And now here are the final pictures!

Here I am! Even though I look nothing like Susan, I couldn't help but feel like her in this dress!

I made it a bit larger, so I have some room to grow!

This is an awful picture of me, but it was really bright outside, so we all were squinting! This is my family, and some friends. From LtoR: My Grandma Melody, Grandpa Dave, Julius Dorsey (Old neighbors), My Dad, Uncle Jeremy, Trent Dorsey, Aunt Kat, Genna Dorsey, Melanie (Kat's Niece), Malcom (Dorsey's Grandpa), Me, Zach/Drew (my brothers...), Aunt Karla, Cindy Dorsey (Mom) and Uncle Jeff. Everyone dressed up as a different character, except for the Tumnus Twins! I made my brothers costume, and my dads. (Zach's costume was for a different event, but he decided to 'recycle' it and be the green mist for the VODT movie!) Anyways, this is my crazy family, I love them all-- I mean, who else has a grandpa that will wear a lion's suit for his granddaughter's 16th Birthday?!
Thanks for looking! :)

Eyes for Scathatch

     Hey! Scathatch recently got some new eyes that I acquired in a trade. They still aren't *her* eyes, but they are a bit closer than her previous pair. I also got some great blue ones, hopefully for Ante, but I don't know what she'll look like yet! Anyways, Scathatch is very pleased to have new eyes, especially ones that fit her better... The only thing that I wish I could change is the pupil color. These would be perfect if the pupil wasn't green. She's supposed to have freckles too, but I can bring myself to freckle her VERY expensive head! Maybe when I get a bit braver... :) Here's a picture!


     Thanks for looking!

Clothes for Ante

     Hey! I did finally get to some sewing today! I made a couple new things for my MNF Ante that should be arriving in early September. She is an inch shorter than Scathatch (who is modeling), and it is all in her legs, so things will be a bit longer on her. You'll just have to imagine the cute, stubby legs! <3

Here are the pictures!

Her rose dress, it has a pleat at the neckline, and a lace collar with a ribbon drawstring in the back, so I can cinch it tighter or make it looser for unique looks. I found this quilters cotton at Joann's and I fell in love.

Look at that print! :D

The lace is a cotton crochet lace, also from Joann's

Detail shot of the pleating

This dress is another 'sack'-- but it is more A-line than a sack..-- made in another quilters cotton. It has 3/4 sleeves, and a pater pan collar. It also features three 'growth tucks' at the hem... For decoration... This is a great dress for fall, and will most likely be worn with leggings, boots and a shawl or jacket of sorts.

Pretty even, I think I'm getting better at free-handing even lines!
So, that's what I've been up to today. Later, we're bringing my grandpa lunch to celebrate his birthday. (Which is today!) I also got a few things for my birthday to put in my doll rooms, most of which went straight to the loft. All it needs now is a proper bed, rug, chandelier and wall hangings!

The jewelry box that sits beneath the hutch is from my Aunt and Uncle, she found it at a thrift shop (I think) and it is PERFECT for the room! My other aunt made the origami dress out of a dictionary page! It is quite possibly the cutest origami thing I have ever seen!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     Hey! I know, my posting has been kind of lame lately... Today I'm going to the DOL to get my license! (Our DOL isn't open on Mondays... -.-) Yesterday my friend Bethany and I had a great time, we went to a Goodwill in Everett where you pay by the pound for your items, and we each found a couple of cute things. hen, we went to Hobby Lobby and Pacific Fabrics. And holy cow! I've never been to Hobby Lobby, an I was thoroughly impressed. That place has EVEYTHING! Oddly enough, I didn't make any purchases, I didn't have a plan for any crafting, so I guess this was just  check-everything-out kind of trip. We also wen into Pacific Fabrics, and I love that store to! I was going to get a few things for my sewing, but I decided not to-- Not really sure why, but I definitely want to go back! Then, we went to our favorite little fast food place for lunch, Extreme Pita! They have delicious Pitas, salads and even pizzas! And after that we went to a cute little antiques shop in downtown Arlington, I found a pair of piking shears that are the same brand a my sewing scissors and a cute fabric to make bunting out of. So, I had a very fun time yesterday, and it feels great to be 16! I'm babysitting all day today, so I won't be able to get to my sewing, but I hope to have pictures of m new creations shorty! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creating Narnia!

     Hey! As many of you may know, I am a HUGE Narnia fan... And I'm having a Narnia-Inspired Birthday party this year! Since my costume is finished, (I'll put up pictures later today!) I worked on my decorations yesterday. I made snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, 'birch' trees out of textured wallpaper, regular trees out of brown paper, table covering out of leftover paper and I put my Narnia Ag's on display as well!

     Here's my version of Narnia... I still have a few last-minute things, but this is most of it! :)

This is the view standing in the front door, so the first thing you see when walking in!

One of the snowflakes

Table runner, its supposed to look like birch trees!

Susan and Lucy, I might change them into Narnia dresses later.

Thanks for looking! Hopefully I can get more pictures up later, if not, I will tomorrow!

Friday, July 5, 2013


     Hey! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th, I had a great time at our friends lake house. We played in the water all day, and I got to try paddle boarding! The fireworks were awesome, but really annoying when trying to sleep! We left the lake around 10:30ish and got home about 10:40... Things were crazy around our house! I did finally fall asleep, but I doubt it was before midnight... Oh well, I got to sleep I this morning, and I'm thankful its only one night a year!

     As far as sewing/crafting goes, I haven't been doing much. I didn't touch my sewing machine yesterday (Gasp!), but I started to work on the embroidery for my Susan dress. And I must say, I really am not loving the embroidery! I think I may leave it of until I can get some more experience, or maybe just better thread, because it looks OK-- Just not what I expected.

     I don't know if you've heard, but American Girl is Archiving another set of dolls, this time we're saying 'farewell' to Molly and Emily. Even though I knew it was coming, I still felt pretty sad. I thought that they would postpone it until later this year. Nope! I woke up one morning to this:

Ugh. I just purchased Molly secondhand, and I've been gathering some of her things. Unfortunately, I still have a LOT of things that I would like to get for her, and most of them are retired.
So far, I have:
Red PJ's
Christmas Dress
Polka Dot outfit
And I still want:
Hula outfit
School supplies
Birthday Dress
Camp Uniform
Miss Victory outfit
Curl Kit
Original Bed (2nd version)
Nighttime Necessities
Vanity Table
After School outfit
Roller Skating outfit
Roller Skates
Sweater and skirt outfit
     Ugh. The list never ends! Of those still available from the store, the ones that I will most likely get are her: Birthday Dress, and Miss Victory costume. And I may be going to the Lynwood mall tomorrow, so I might be able to pick those up! :)
    In BJD land, Scathatch is currently the only BJD that I own. I will be sending her body to be de-yellowed soon, but I really would like to do it once I get my MNF Ante, so I can have a doll to sew for when she's gone. On my MNF wait, I'm in about one week. Of course, this week doesn't count because DDE only submits orders on Saturdays. But, I think I'll count this week, and say that I have 11 weeks left. This wait is going to be tough, and I hope that my order is processed quickly. Or I think I might go crazy. (Crazier than I already am.) A few M-line dolls have arrived to members of the Denofangels forum, and I am so excited for this new body! Here are a few pictures of  Andreja's M-line Chloe:
(These are NOT my pictures)
     The one in the cream sweater if the M-line gal, I tried to get the picture of them standing together up, but it wouldn't load. Andreja also has a A-line Chloe, but they look so sweet together! <3 Here's a link to the picture of them standing side-by-side... I LOVE the height difference!
     So, that's what been going one lately. Sorry about the SUPER long post with lots of information.. but, now you know! :) Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I passed!

     Hey! Since I turn 16 on Monday, I decided to take my state drivers test today. I'm not the best driver, and I'm always a bit scared to go out and drive. So, taking this test was a HUGE obstacle for me. I've been stressing about it since I finished drivers ed, so I decided that today was the day! So, I called to make an appointment, and they had an opening today... What would a smart(er) person do? Take the option for Friday, or maybe even Monday. But what did I do? I took it. I figured that I would stress myself out too much for it to make sense taking any other day, and that I just needed to get it over with. And I am happy to say that I passed! You have to get a minimum of 80 points to pass (out of 100) and I passed with an 88. I missed points on hitting the curb when backing around a corner, a bumped the curb during parallel parking (otherwise, it was perfect!) and I slowed traffic when entering a turning lane... Oh well! Next step: go to the DOL on Monday and get my license! :) Sorry about the babbling, I'm SO excited and I just had to share! :D

     Here's a very happy me!

     Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing for Ante

     Hey! Since I ordered my Ante, I've been making TONS of clothes for her... I think she's more spoiled then Nim was... O.o But her style is so much fun to sew for! I've made her a long tired skirt, two flowy tops, and a cute shift dress in 60's styling. I won't bore you with lots of talking, on to the pictures!

The first top/skirt outfit... The skirt is a three-tired peasant skirt, and it is made in a beige cotton.

The top is in the same fabric, with a pleat at the center front neckline.

the shift dress has more homemade lace down the front, I cut it a bit short, because the M-line body is an inch shorter.

The top is for Ante, but the skirt is for TanCeline.

Distressed denim and pin tucks. Love it!
Thanks for looking!