Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ante Wishes!

     Hey! As you all know, I recently ordered a Minifee Ante from DDE they say that wait time varies from 8-12 weeks... Oh great. I ordered 2 weeks ago. Only 8-10 weeks to go. Yay. Meanwhile, people who ordered earlier are already getting their gals, I found a picture on DenofAngels of an Ante girl on the M-line body-- Oh my goodness she is GORGEOUS! Now I want my girl to get here... NOW! Oh well, I guess I can be patient... Maybe... Anyways, my camera is out for the count-- So I can't take pictures of what I've been up to... So I'll save that post for another day, and whine a bit more! ;)

Here's a picture of the new MNF Ante!

*NOT my picture!*

I even made it extra big, so you all can appreciate her beauty! :) I just LOVE her face, and she's perfect for the character I had in mind for her! Now just to decide on a name.... I think Robyn would be sweet, but I also like Cora, Ella and June. I also got a wig for her! (And another one in the mail...) Its a Leeke wig, and its mostly brown with some pink in it... It has bangs-- I'd show you, but-- I think I'm having to much fun preparing for her to arrive! Sewing, shopping and blog/story writing?!
Anyways, sorry about that... I'm just really excited/impatient... Thanks for looking!

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